Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tofield Chapter 20

Sorry Mom forgot to post this last week. Enjoy!!!
Wow just writing this subject line is weird. 20 weeks in Tofield. I'm almost out of here. That is crazy.

Well we emailed and had lunch. We went to South Cooking Lake to meet up with the ZL's for exchanges. I was with Elder Burnside in Sherwood Park. It was a great exchanges. We went to Sherwood Park and stopped by their apartment. Elder Burnside made some calls and then we went tracting. We were tracting this one street where they knew a less-active lived. We found where they lived, knocked on a lot of empty houses and then talked with a guy who met with missionaries years ago in Saskatchewan. He wasn't interested. We then went to the Wendover's. They are semi-LA. We then went and helped their investigator Stefanie move somethings at her dog grooming store. We then ran back grabbed a few things for supper and went to the church to have a lesson with Stefanie and Wes. Yep same one. It went really well. Elder Severson was upset that he had to miss the lesson, but we knew that this exchange was needed. Wes had some issues with death and what happened. They had taught them the Plan of Salvation, but still had some hang ups. Well I went through what happens after this life and bear my testimony of the Spirit World. It was an amazing lesson. We then took them on a church tour. It was so great.

Well we got up and did studies. During Comp study we had an amazing practice. We went to the church for the interview. We had lunch. We then went picked up somethings from the housing coordinators for Elder Laulu. We then drove out to Tofield to exchange back. We then left for Veg. We met with Sis Yost and Soren, had supper with Sis Skeem and Olsen, then met with Thompsons and drove home.

We had District Meeting in Lamont. It went really well this week. We then had lunch at some little place. It was a Chinese Western restaurant. It was pretty good. We then drove back to Tofield. Helped at Busy B then went to Ryley. Tracted a bit. No one else was around. Had supper with Brockhurst/Tiedemann/Hackenschmidt Family. Tiedemann's just had a baby the day before. Very weird setting for a missionary. After we went to Trent and Kristina's.

Well we had interviews with President Manion. We drove into Sherwood Park. We drove to the chapel and ended up waiting for half an hour. No one was there. Texted ZL's. They said they were at the church. Called Fort Skat since their interviews were right after us. Found out they were at the Mission Home. Miscommunication. They were supposed to be at the church, but Fort Skat showed up at the Mission Home. So we went to the mission home and had our interviews. We drove home. We helped at the Farmer's market. We then had supper with Woodruff's. We then went home and did some planning.

We went to Veg and helped Dwayne from VTSS serve food at the Vegreville Bunnock competition. If you want to know what Bunnock is...look it up. I still don't really know. It looked really strange. We then visited with Sis Gillespie. We then went to Chuck and Mary's. We were finally going to pull the weeds that we promised. Well we started. The trees weren't growing like we thought they would. Chuck ended up mowing and tilling up most of it except for a few spots where the trees were coming up. We planted shoots of his trees. All of them had died, but around a few of them the same tree was starting to grow. Don't know how it worked. There is now a lot less weeding. They took us to supper at the Train Station. Homemade Ukranian food. I think I'll stick with Perogies and Sausage. :)

Well we had Branch Council, then Church. We had some non-members at church this week. They were kind of crowded by everyone else that we didn't get much of a chance to talk with them. We went home and had lunch. We then went to Kastendieck's. We had supper with Gillis'.

P-day. We went to Kastendieck's acreage. We had some fun out there. I got to mow the lawn on a riding mower. Those things are the best. I don't know what it was, but I wasn't very scared of the wasps or snakes or the other bugs. We cleaned up an old wood pile. There used to be a snake nest in it. They cleared that up a while ago, but we found a few that were still there. We also dug up a wasp nest in it too. We stopped for a min with that one. It was a lot of fun. Bro Kastendieck then took Elder Laulu and I on a tour of the acreage. I love it out there. Fun times. We came back and I took a shower. We then went to the church. Elder Laulu played some basketball and rugby while I played the piano. We then went back, got ready and went to Fishers for supper and FHE.

Well that was my week. Wish we could have done more, but amid everything I ended up with a cold. I think the worst is over. It's still not much fun. Can't really do much when you have a cold on the mission. Oh well. Life happens. :)

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