Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tofield Chapter 21

Wow this week was an adventure. I had a lot of fun. I don't know how my companion feels though. :)

We emailed and had lunch. We had a lesson with Roni. We were able to help her answer a lot of her questions. We also got a little side tracked and started talking about other things. I love what she said. "You guys are normal". Well we try to be. We then made some quick copies. We had supper and then went to Pilling's. We more just stopped by and it was just bad timing.

Well we went on exchanges. We left and went to Chipman to exchange. I was in Fort Skat with Elder Merkley. We then drove to Fort Skat. They needed their car serviced so we dropped it off. We couldn't get a hold of the other Fort Skat to pick us up, so we walked to Mucho Burrito. It was the best Mexican food I've had in a while. Fort Skat 1 finally came to pick us up. We finished lunch with them. We then went to pick up the car and then we drove around finding service opportunities. It was a fun day. We went out to Brudderheim and tried some potentials and LA. We had supper with the Forsyth's and were supposed to do service, but it didn't work out. We then went to the Cowards and talked with them. They are the family that used to run the Diner in Lamont.

Well we had our interview and then waited till Tofield came for District Meeting. Had a quick meeting and then went to Boston Pizza to celebrate Elder Merkley and Elder Reynolds year mark. We later drove to Tofield. We had supper with Wilson's. We then went out to Trent and Khristina's.

Well we cleaned up a bit and then had lunch. We did Weekly Planning. We did Mormon.org time mostly so we could do a PMG survey. We tried by some potentials and then had supper with the Chutes. We then played basketball with some people.

Well we didn't put on our proselyting clothes today. We went out and helped Stennes for a bit. We then drove into Veg and helped Chuck with the rest of the weeds by the trees. He took us for supper and then we shared a message and went home.

Well we had church. Bro Stennes and their daughter came. That was exciting. We then went home for studies. We had supper with Kastendiecks and then went and visited with....The Ellis'!! It was fun. They are visiting the missionaries that have served there.

Well we got up and had breakfast with the Ellis'. We then played basketball for a bit. We went and cleaned up and then went in to Sherwood Park for P-day. We met the Fort Skat elders at Panada Express. We then went to the church. Well the Ellis' were parked there waiting for Elder Sorenson. All in all Elder Sorenson stayed out there and talked with the Ellis' for a while. We then went in and I talked with some other missionaires. We left and went to the Pillings for supper and the rest of the night.

It was a super fun week. We are really trying to get the work moving ahead. There is so much potential and so many good things happening. The Lord's hand is really in everything.
Elder Colin O'Neill

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