Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tofield Chapter 23

Wow this week was pretty crazy. Not as crazy as this upcoming though. Well to start off today is actually Pday. We usually have to wait until today since the library is closed on Monday/pday, but we had a Mission Tour yesterday which pushed our pday back. :)

Emailed, Lunch. We then had a lesson with Roni. We did some things at the church then we went to Gillis' for supper. Didn't do much the rest of the night.

Veg Day! We went and met with Sis Yost and Gilliespie. We had supper with Sis Skeem. We went bowling and then to thompsons.

We had District Meeting and then lunch. We went on exchanges and I was with Elder Jenkins in Tofield. We went and helped out at Busy B. Tried by some potentials. Had supper with Sis Roughely, her friend Della, and the Chutes. That was interesting. We somehow started on a conversation about their growing up. WOW! I didn't know half of what they were talking about and I thought I knew a little about old farm life. apparently not. It was really pretty fun. We then drove out to Trent and Khristina's and they weren't home. After we were in for the night I helped Elder Jenkins learn Violin. I was able to help him make sound out of it and try and tune it. It was a very different thing. :) Go Music :)

We did our interview and then exchanged back. We came back and had lunch. We went to Veg and did Mormon.org time. We then went to Chuck's and he took us to Bruce Motel for steak dinner. It was so good. :) We then came back and had a lesson.

Veg Day. We did the rest of our Mormon.org time then had lunch. We tried by Soren and he wasn't home. We then went and found Fran's house. She is a LA who is super nice, but we didn't know where she lived. We found her house. We were talking with her for a bit and then helped her put in a window in her sisters house. That was interesting. More experience. :) We then went to Chuck's supposedly to pick some stuff up and ended up staying for supper. Then had another lesson with them.

We had Branch Council then Church. We went home and had lunch, then went to Kastendieck's for a bit. We then had supper at Gillis'. After that we went to stop by and pick something up from Bro Fisher and stayed talking with them for a bit.

Well we had Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Martino for the Seventy. It was really good and inspiring. It was truly amazing. Got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while too. :) We then drove back to Tofield. We had supper with Hoag's.

Well that was our week. I'll probably email next Monday since we are going to Veg. :) Transfers are next week. I hope I stay outlying. :)

Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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