Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tofield Chapter 22

Well I don't really know what to say about this week. So I'll just tell you about it. :)

Well we emailed and then had lunch. We did some things around and then we had a lesson with Roni. It went really well. We then had supper with her. She made chili and the fruit cocktail thing that grandma makes with whipped cream. It was actually pretty good. We then played basketball that night.

Well we went on Exchanges. I was with Elder Benson in Veg that day. We drove to Chipman to exchange and then went to Veg. We did a few things that I needed to get done. We had lunch. We then went and visited with Sis Yost then Sis Gillespie. We tried by some potentials. We were going to go to Shirley with Bro Bates, but when we got there, no one answered. It was weird. We then went to see the Thompson's. After that we went BOWLING. Yes Bowling is back. :) I'm so happy. We then went and had supper with Stennes.

Well Thursday was fun. Elder Benson got up and ran to the church, played basketball for a bit and then walked back home. It was actually pretty great. We did the morning and then had our interview. We had District Meeting at the Akitt's and then went to Lunch at the Chinese western diner. We went back and went to Busy B. We then went to help Roni. Elder Laulu mowed her lawn while I dug up her Rhubarb plant. I didn't know what a rhubarb plant's roots looks like. It is a pretty colorful plant with the roots. Green leaves, red stalks, and orange roots. Didn't know that. We then went and visited with Daniel. We had supper with Hoag's and then went to Trent and Khristina's. That was an experience. We had to help them hold one of their dogs down so that Trent could pull porcupine quills out of her nose. It was an experience.

Well we had weekly planning then lunch. We then went and helped Bro Kastendieck at the acreage. They were going to have a Boys and mens camp that night. We went up to "Camp Gerald" and helped pull out trees and clear some of it out. It was crazy. It was pretty fun to grab some of the little trees and pull them out. We were there for a few hours and then left to help with the Farmer's Market. Well we drove past and there wasn't a Farmer's market. We went home to clean up a bit and then made some food and went back out to be there for the night. It was pretty fun.

Well We didn't do much Saturday morning. We did Mormon.org. Around 3 we went and helped with the prep of the Corn Bust. It was so much fun. A lot of corn too. It was pretty great. Of course no one that we invited came. :P We stuck around for a bit. Playing around with some of the kids. Well Kastendiecks are in charge of cleaning the Church this month. Well we were playing around and their son broke his wrist. Bro Kastendieck took him to the hospital. It was just going to be Sis K and their other son cleaning. We stayed to help as well as the Woodruff's. Lot's of work.

We had church. Nothing too exciting happened. Khristina surprised us and walked in during Sacrament, which was cool. We actually had Gospel Principles. :) After church we drove to Holden. We had lunch and supper at Lue's. It was a fun night. Not much else.

We had Pday. We didn't do like anything. We didn't really want to since we had snow!!! Yes September 8, and we had snow. :P We hung around the apartment till we were bored then went to the church. I played piano for a while. We then went to Cahoon's for supper and I got a haircut. We drove back and stopped by some people, but nothing.

Well that was my week. Nothing too exciting happened. It was a busy weekend for the branch, but a slow week for us. Oh well. Can't always be super exciting.

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