Monday, January 26, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 18

Wow this week has been a roller coaster. Got some new investigators and some dropped us. :( That's how it goes.

We had p-day then we had supper with Spirig's. We then visited with the Kidd's. 

We did studies and then went and did time. We tried some people and then went on exchanges. I was with Elder Kriesel. We went tracting for a bit. We had supper at Sis Beech's with the Sosa's. We then went and talked with McPherson's about being a fellow-shipper. 

We came and did Facebook, then lunch. We printed some stuff off at the church and then tracted. We exchanged back and went and did some more tracting. We had supper at Sister Kidds. We then went to the Roys and one of the boys taught us a couple of the PMG lessons. It was pretty good. We then left the phone there. So when we got back up to the apartment we didn't have the phone and had to drive back over. :)

We had District meeting and lunch. We then tried some people that we had set up lessons with, but they weren't home. We then tracted and found some great new potentials. We then picked up supper from O'Bray's and then we drove out to the Kidd's. 

We did weekly Planning. We got a call from Bobby D. We met him for lunch and at the end Bro Fitzner showed up. We ended up going up to Fitzners for a bit and talking. we then had a lesson with Marius and Carina. We tracted into them a little while ago. They live upstairs from Landrums. It's the perfect situation. :) We then, awkwardly enough, had supper with Landrums. We told them about how things went. We then went and had a lesson with Diana. She is progressing so well. 

Well we got a call Friday from Grandma Jean and tried to call her back. She called us again and we set a time to see her that day. We went with Bro Fitzner and we challenged her to fast for an answer. :) We then went with Bro Fitzner to see Bud and Dan. Dan wasn't feeling well so we went and visited with Bud. We then drove up to the church to catch some people at new beginnings. We then went and tried some potentials. We had supper at Fitzner's. Bobby D was going to the hockey game that night with them, and wanted us to go. We can only go if there is a non-member. We were busting our but to get a non-member, but no one could. We did have a lesson with Prince at the Afrane's. It was pretty good. He might finally understand what the Book of Mormon is now. :) It was awesome to have it in their home. 

We went to church and then had coordination. We then went back to Grandma Jean. She said that she knew the Book of Mormon was true, and that if Joseph Smith translated the book, then he must be a prophet. She wouldn't give a clear answer on whether this was the church she should join. We tried to commit her to a date, but she felt pushed. So we left it at that. We had supper with MacPherson's. We then followed up with the Galenzoski's. We then went to the Family Christian Centre. It was interesting. The other elders were invited and we all went. We got invited back and might go one day to talk with one of the pastors. :) As we were leaving Grandma Jean called. She didn't like how we pushed her and dropped us. :( It was a little heart-breaking. She will accept the gospel one day. Maybe not in this life, but someday. 

Well that was my week. Ups and Downs.
Elder O'Neill

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 17

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 16

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Fort Mac Chapter 15