Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Southgate Chapter 12 The Last letter. And Final Chapter of the Book

Well this is my last email home. It feels weird and joyful at the same time. It's been a good two years and I'm excited for the adventures ahead of me. :)
Here is a run down of my last week.
Pday. Emailed, then shopped with the Assistants. Ran to Puma for Elder Wilson. He got his shoes that he couldn't since the power went out last week. We then went to Wal-mart and then dropped everything off and grabbed a change of clothes. Mailed some boxes home that weren't going to fit. Then we changed at the church and played Frisbee. It was great. There were a lot of us to play and it was great. We then came back and showered and changed. We then had supper at Habing's. We made our way home after that. We were exhausted.
We were in the office. Continued to train Elder Strong. We traveled back and we had supper at Sis Thompson's with the other elders. We then went on the computer and did Facebook then went home.
We had District Meeting and then lunch. We finished passing out some flyers for the Mandarin elders for their ESL class. We then did Facebook at the church. We traveled and had supper at the Calverts. We then went to the Raaflaub's. They asked us to come over a couple of times this week.
We were in the office. Last day of training Elder Strong. We then traveled back and had supper at the Browers. Then just stopped by some people.
Did some Weekly Planning/Packing. Then did Facebook at the church. We had to pick up supper from Sis Fairbairn. We were going to go to the other elder's apartment, but they forgot to leave the back door unlocked for us, so luckily we got a ride from the Mandarin elders, who we were lucky to see. :) We then had supper and went to Raaflaub's again.
We didn't have any meeting that morning. We had church. Sacrament meeting was great. Bro Munoz stands up to announce the rest of the program after the sacrament and gets to the closing prayer.
"and the closing prayer will be offerered by...Elder O'Neill".
Elder Wilson leaned over and asked, "when did he ask you to say the prayer?"
"Right now. :)"
It was great. We then had lunch with the other elder and then had coordination. We went home and had studies. We then went to the McCready's for supper. They are a fun family. We rode the LRT for a bit and then went to the Habing's.
We ran to the office in the morning. We then borrowed a car. Yes borrowed. Elder Salter approved it. We then ran back and grabbed some stuff and took it over to the Coombs. They are taking some stuff down for us. :) We then met Manadrin at the church for Facebook. They were in between service appointment and didn't want to change. We then picked up supper from Byam's. We then dropped the car back off. We got a ride from the other elders. Then went home and had supper. We then went to FHE at Raaflaub's. Painted some cool pictures.
Well that was my week. Today is Pday then tomorrow is Transfer meeting then the next day I fly home. Love you all and can't wait to see you. Going to miss Canada. It's been a great 2 years.
Elder Colin O'Neill

Southgate Chapter 11