Monday, September 22, 2014

Tofield Chapter 24-Final Chapter

Wow I can't believe it has already been 4 transfers in this area. It doesn't seem like it as been at all, but I guess I have seen the snow leave and now it's coming back. Well I am getting transferred. I'll tell you about the week to leave some suspense on where I'm going until the end. :)

It was pday since Monday was Mission Tour. We emailed, had lunch, then went to the church for a bit. When left and went home for supper. We didn't do much the rest of the night.

Well we went on the last exchanges. I was in Fort Skat with Elder Reynolds. We got there and had lunch. We went out tracting for a bit and stopped by some people. We had supper with the Shipley's. We then had a lesson with Jordan, she is a member's girlfriend. It had been a while since Elder Reynolds and I had taught a 1st lesson. The last time we taught a first lesson was when both of us went to teach Roni. It went really well and she is super excited to learn. It was awesome.

We did our interview and then went and picked up the other Fort Skat. We drove to Lamont for lunch. We then exchanged back and drove to Tofield. We helped at Busy B then went to Ryley. We stopped by a few people. We then went to Trent and Khristina's for supper and the rest of the night.

We did some Weekly planning and some cleaning. We went and did time. We then drove to Holden to try some people. We were out there for a bit and then drove back for supper with the Fishers.

We drove to Veg. We came out after lunch. We tried by a few people. We went and talked with Soren for a bit. We picked up some things and went to Stennes. Helped them move some of the heavy things. It was fun. They then took us to A&W for supper.

Well we had Branch Council and the Stake came. Well the Stake and the Zone Leaders. It was ok. The Stake stayed for the rest of church. We had church and...Roni came!!! It was awesome. Don't know what she thought of it yet, but she came. :) We had a coordination meeting and then they had a Farewell for the McDaniels. There was a luncheon after church. Free food. :) It was fun. I also got to say some goodbyes to people I probably won't see before I leave. We then ran home to quickly change and then we drove to Pillings. I was going to say goodbye to them, but they weren't home. We tried by another potential p there, but they weren't home either. We then drove to Schachers for supper. They are recently new to the Branch. It was a lot of fun.  

Well today is Monday. It's Pday and we get to email since we came to Veg so I could say goodbye to some friends up here. I'm going to miss this area. I have been through a lot here. It's going to be fun in my next area though. I haven't not like an area that I've been in.
So now to break the news. I'm going to...............................Fort McMurray. :)
It's going to be a new adventure. :) I'm excited :)

Love you all
Elder Colin O'Neill

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