Monday, September 29, 2014

Fort Mac Chapter 1

Well I'm on a new book of my mission. I'm now in Fort McMurray. I'm loving it so far up here. The ward is pretty awesome and we have a lot of things going on for us.

I'll start with my week. Remember it started in Tofield and then to Fort Mac. 

Well we went to Kastendieck's acreage that morning for breakfast. We got the call on the way. It was fun to be there. I'm going to miss the acreage. It was fun out there. We then drove back to grab clothes and then we went to Veg. We emailed and then went to say goodbyes. In all we saw Chuck, Sis Yost, Sis Gillespie, Grandma Deal, Soren, then Stennes. I'm going to miss them all. 

Well it started with packing. We had a lesson with Roni with Pres Hillyer and Sis Fisher. It went really well. We then drove over to Hillyer's to say goodbye. We went and saw the Chutes. We then went to supper at Kastendiecks'. It was a great last supper. :) Going to miss them. They made a candy poster for me. Don't worry Mom. I haven't finished all of it. Barely eaten any of it. We stopped by Gillis' and then went to Fishers one last time. 

Well I got everything packed up and in the car. We took off a little early and went to Jannell's in Edmonton. We then went to Transfers. It was cool I got to see some friends in the mission. It was fun. I'm now companions with Elder Barber from Lehi. He lives super close and we never knew each other. Funny how that works. Well the other Fort Mac elders are Elder Hentunen and his trainee. They had to get some stuff while we were in the city. It was weird, because we went to all of these places in Londonderry. It was a trip back in time. Really strange. We then left for Fort Mac. It is a 5 hour drive. That was the rest of the night. Driving. YEAH!!!.....not. Elder Barber and I got to know each other really well that night. :) That's a plus. 

I don't really remember much. I didn't get much of a chance to write down our plans. I know we had District Meeting and then lunch. We dropped off our car for an oil change. We met with Bro O'Brey about some young men that we could work with. Picked up the car and then had supper. We then went to a memorial for someone in the ward that had just passed away. We then went and met the Fitzner's. 

Well we had weekly planning then lunch. We then tried some potentials and tracted. We met Bud. He is an older LA in the hospital. We then tried more potentials and tracted. It was kind of miserable because it was raining and cold all day. Not too much fun. We had supper and then met the Roy's. They are a fun family. We then went and met with the Simpson's. We then tried by the Reitz and they let us in. She is a member and he isn't. We were able to get in and share a message and say a prayer. It was pretty awesome, since he didn't seem too thrilled that we were there. :) It was incredible. 

We went and did time and tracted. We had lunch and then tried potentials in Timberlea. We at one point ditched the car and walked around trying people. It was really effective. We were able to talk to a few people on the street. I love this feeling of missionary work. We had supper with Soares. That was interesting. We then tried by some La's and potentials. We then went to Mackay's. They are an awesome couple. 

Well we had Ward Council. We then had church. It was very interesting. We ended up helping Sis McPhearson with the Food Drive. Didn't really get to go to class. Still got to talk to a lot of the members. We then did studies. We had coordination at Fitzner's and then went to supper at Stewarts with the Diggle's and Crouch's. It was a ton of fun. Small world moment again. Sis Stewart is Sis Pilisko's (Londonderry) sister. Small world. We then were supposed to have a lesson with Lisa. We stopped by yesterday and set up the appointment. We knocked two girls answered the door and told us that she left for Las Vegas. WHAT? I guess that happens up here. Lots of money lots of people just leave. We then stopped by some other people. 

Well that was my week. I'm loving my time so far up here in Fort Mac. It is a great area. A lot going on. We are working hard and doing lots. Slowly trying to learn the area as well. I'm still driving. We are now driving a Chevy Equinox. We call it a Soccer Mom car. It's a tank. Oh well :) It's fun. :)
Elder Colin O'Neill

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