Monday, October 6, 2014

Fort Mac Chapter 2

Wow. That's all I can really say right now. It seems like it has been forever since I last emailed. This week was so amazing. It was incredible. So many things going on. I'll try and share what we did. It may not seem like a lot, but when you put your full heart into the work, you get work done. :)

It was p-day. We emailed then went shopping. Didn't do a whole lot. We went to Fitzner's to do laundry and then went back and had supper. We tried by potentials and tracted the rest of the night. 

We tried Potentials and tracted. Had lunch. We then tried formers and potentials and tracted. We had supper. Then we picked up a member who used to be a missionary here. Mendoza. We picked him up and then we went to have a lesson with Fred, Raj and Shuma, but no one was there. It was a bummer. We went and helped Bro Soares with writing a letter for Sunday School. English help. Strange. We then went and talked with the Olsen's for a bit. 

We were going to do service at Heritage Park, and they needed help at the Marine Park. It was cool to see it. It is a Marine Museum. They have a couple of boats that you can walk around. We were there to help them close down for the season. Our job was to take out the garbage. The outside one :P. Well it's been raining a lot up here so all of the trash cans were full of water. It was very pleasant. It was still cool. We then had lunch. We were supposed to go to some potential to teach them and the member called about 5 minutes before and cancelled so we had to cancel our lessons and move them. Frustrating. We did time. We then tried some Formers. Mendoza took us out to Montana's for all you can eat ribs. Two Beef ribs and I was done. It was so good, but way to much meat. :P We then just tried by more people. 

We had District Meeting. It was pretty fun. Elder Hentunen came up with a board game based on our planner. Every space there was something to do and to practice. It was cool, because we practiced different situations and played different roles. We then went to Mucho Burrito for lunch. We met with Bud and Dan. We then went out to the Kidd's. They live by Anzac about 30 min southish of Fort Mac. We had supper with them and then (since we didn't have service clothes) we watched Bro Kidd build up his wolf trap. Ya he is making a wolf trap. :) We then went into Anzac and met with the Spirig's. They are awesome. We told them that we were going to try tracting in Anzac and Sis Spirig drew us a map of where there were some houses. It was very helpful, since we knew nothing about the lay out of Anzac. We tracted this one cul-de-sac. We actually found a lot of success. It was awesome. We then had some fun driving back. I turned the wrong way out of Anzac and started driving. After about 15 minutes when we passed an oil camp we realized we were going the wrong way. We turned around and made it back to Fort Mac. We were almost out of gas as well. We should have filled up earlier, but didn't. Not doing that again. :)

We had Weekly planning. We decided to divide up the area into sections, so we can focus our finding on one section at a time. We had lunch. We tried by a lot of people. We had supper with Diggles at Stewarts. That is pretty common to have them both. It was fun. We then tried some other people. We went and met with the Simpson boys that night. 

General Conference. We started and went to Stewarts for breakfast with them and the Diggle's. Before conference started. We went with Bro Stewart so he could switch with Bro Diggle at Canadian Tire selling raffle tickets with his girls for a fundraiser, so that Bro Diggle could watch conference. Their First One. We drove back to Stewarts with Bro Diggle and watched the first session. We did miss the first part. In between sessions we went and saw Bud and Dan to make sure they could watch conference. We then watched the second session at the church. After that we ran home to grab a bit to eat and then were supposed to meet Audrey at the Church. Well she nor anyone we asked to come showed up. We watched Priesthood and then went to A&W with the ward. It was fun. 

Well we watched the morning session at the church. We then had lunch and tracted a bit until the afternoon. Watched that at the church as well. We went back and had supper. We then went and tried potentials and tracted. We taught two people last night. neither of them are going to go anywhere though. one was an Indian man, who didn't really understand what we were teaching. Language. The second was a lady who was struggling to understand why there has to be something added to the Bible. We know that if we would have said the right thing, the Spirit could have touched her heart, but we didn't know exactly what it was. She started to be more closed off as well. 

Overall it was a really good week. We have a lot of appointments for this upcoming week that hopefully will happen and go well. I'm enjoying my time up here . It is getting cold, but the Spirit is warm. :)
Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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