Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fort Mac Chapter 3

Wow this last week was crazy. Quite a Gong Show. :) It was still pretty fun.
We did laundry at Fitzer's and then we emailed. We went shopping and printed out some pics. We had to go pic up some stuff from the Dry cleaners. That was an adventure. Well they have been doing some construction on the bridges from Downtown to Thickwood and Timberlea. Well the car in front of me slammed on his brakes and so did I so I would hit him. Well the car behind me wasn't as quick. She was going to hit us so she swerved into the other lane. Well in doing so she hit out bumper. She got into that lane and then merged back over and took off. Hit and Run. It was interesting. We couldn't do anything. Well luckily it just scratched the paint a little. Still had to call Elder Pratt about it. That was an interesting call. We went on with our day. Looked around the mall and had supper. We went to Jackie's but she forgot we were coming. Well we decided to go then to the RCMP station to report it. The guy at the counter really didn't know what to say to me. We then drove to Tiffany. We were a bit early so we tracted. We got in and talked with this Indian couple. They were the most open Hindu's ever. They were cool to teach. We then went to Tiffany about an hour late, but she still let us in. Her husband isn't really interested, but he just went into the kitchen. It was a really good lesson. We weren't really getting much response from her, so we taught a really short and simple lesson 1. It was one of the greatest lessons ever. It was amazing. It was a really good day over all. :)
We did some potentials and then we had a lesson with Nahia. We took Mendoza with us. It went super well. She is a student and the college and is studying philosophy of religion. She has taken her desire to know the truth to an extreme. It is sweet. She is so open. It was great lesson. We then had lunch. Mendoza took us to Fatburger. :) We then went to our apartment and then we went on exchanges. :) I was with Elder Hentunen. :D. That was fun. We did a lot and got a lot of work done. We did a lot of potentials and tracting, but time flew by.
Well we were supposed to have a lesson, but she wasn't home. We had out interview and then had lunch. We then went and met with Russell. He was a former, who in the past really tried to ignore the missionaries. He is more open this time. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing. Such a good lesson. We then went and exchanged back. We went and saw Bud and Dan. We then had supper with Sherry Kidd. It was all for of us for numbers. Well the other elders tried to leave right before the lesson. They were trying to walk out as we were all strongly hinting they couldn't. We then went to the Simpsons and met with the boys and their sister.
We had District Meeting and lunch at Wendy's. We mostly did some finding. We went and were going to the Kidds to help  them out and have supper. We ended up leaving late, since all four of us were going and the other elders were a bit late. We drove out there and had a fun time out there. We helped haul some wood in and then worked on the wolf trap with Bro Kidd. We had supper with them. We were going to go to Anzac and tract, but that didn't work out.
We had weekly planning. We got a lot organized so it took a while. We tried by people and tracted. We had supper and that night we went to the Doonanco's. It was a little awkward. While we were there their daughter confessed to ruining a blanket while there were visiting some old missionaries about 10 years ago. Well they thought it was their other daughter. Sis Doonanco got pretty upset and left the room. Awkward for us.

We mostly did some potentials and tracting in the morning. We had lunch and then went to LA Olsen's. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon that really got them thinking. It was incredible. We then went and visited with Bud and Dan. We were there for a bit and were about to leave when Bud asked us to stay for a bit longer. We told him we could stay if we read some scriptures. Well we read some and had a great conversation. We were trying to leave when Bro Fitzner came in. We finally said a prayer and left. It was a long visit. We then tracted a bit. We had supper at Lokhorst's. It was fun. We then went to Roy's. It is so much fun over there.

We had Ward Council. It was ok. We then had church. The Roys came. It was awesome. We were actually in the lessons too. :) We had lunch and then tracted. We had coordination. We then had supper with Stewarts and Lemays and the Diggle kids. Bro and Sis Diggle are out on site. It was great. So much fun. :) We then went and met with the Swainsons. Such a spiritual conversation. It was amazing.
Well we did our shopping and did what we needed to and then went to Fitzner's. We did laundry as we played shuffleboard and croquet. We also had Canadian Thanksgiving. Well we weren't supposed to go tracting and we didn't know what else to do, so we stayed there for FHE and played some games. It was a great Thanksgiving.
Well that was my week. It was Crazy, but a lot of fun. I'm loving it up here. This week is starting to be just as crazy. If we can keep our heads on straight it will be a miracle. :)

Elder Colin O'Neill

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