Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tofield Chapter 19

Wow think week seemed the most normal things have gone in a while. Gave me a chance to come back, realize what needs to happen.

Well we emailed and then had lunch. Went to Roni's with Sis Roughley and Bro Gillis. Had a great lesson. She really understands that her getting an answer depends on her. She understands that She needs to listen to and pray about the Book of Mormon. If it is true, then everything else we teach is true. We then went to Chipman to help Sis Stennes. We then drove to Ryley to help and have supper with Svenson's. It was pretty good. The service only took like two minutes, but hey they needed the help. :)

Veg Day. Went to veg. Met with Sis Yost and Gillespie. We stopped by Chuck for a minute. Went to Shirley with Sis Bates. Moki was actually there for the lesson which was good. We were sure that she was going to come to church this week. We had supper with Chuck and Mary. We then had a lesson with Roy. That was weird. Roy told us that he isn't understanding the Book of Mormon. Last I knew they were ready for baptism, except for they have only come to church once and aren't married, but living together. Apparently there is more than we thought. :P After that we went to Stennes and helped out for a little.

Well we had District Meeting. First District Meeting as District Leader. We had it in Tofield, but it wasn't that good. We are just going to stick with Lamont. It works better for all of us. We had lunch. We then went and helped at Busy B. After that we went and Mowed Roni's Lawn. It needed it bad. We did it backwards, but I mowed and then when Elder Laulu was weed wacking I was talking to Roni. We were able to have a really good conversation about things. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to Roni. She is super solid. After that we had supper then went to Trent and Kristina's.

We did studies, lunch, and then Weekly Planning. It was the best one in a while. We then did Mormon.org time. We had supper. We then went to Ryley and met with McCauley's. That was wild. We then set up with Sis Godin for next Thursday.

Veg Day. We went to Veg. We visited with Sis Gillespie again. She was doing much better this time. We then went to Thompsons and met with Sis Olsen. We had supper with Chuck and Mary. It felt a little awkward. It was their anniversary. It was strange, but pretty cool. It feels like home away from home there.

We had church. No one that we thought was going to come did. We did end up having a sort of Gospel Principles. It was us, Bro Stothart, Katelyn, and the youth. We had lunch/ supper with Kastendiecks and Lue. Later that night we went to Gillis to drop off a set of scriptures for their friends. Super golden potentials.

Pday. We mostly just hung around. Got laundry done. Went to the church. Elder Laulu was playing basketball for a little, while I was playing piano. Dante came and we were playing with him for a bit. We had supper with Hillyer and stayed for FHE and played some games with them.

Well that was our week. Not much exciting really happened. We'll see what this week is like. :)
Elder Colin O'Neill

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