Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tofield Chapter 16

I really can't say much else other than what we did this week.

After email and lunch we went out to Stennes and helped them out for a bit. Well it was more like the rest of the night. We got there and they weren't there, but I called them and they told us what to do. We ended up having supper with them and had a good time.

Veg day. We did language and then lunch. We visited with sis Gillespie. She might be going to the temple soon. :) We went and talked with Soren for a bit. Meggie wasn't home. We went to Shirley. That lesson could have been better. We then had supper and went to Thompson's.

We had district meeting. We had lunch at Kelly's. We won't be able to go there much longer. They are done in about 3 weeks. It's sad. We then went on exchanges. I was in Fort Skat. The start was interesting. We left from Lamont and got to Fort Skat. We went to get out and do service/ play games with seniors. Well when we got out of the car I felt a phone in my pocket. Well Elder Mugerian had their phone. I had the tofield phone. Well I was going through about every possible solution to get the phone back. Well we hadn't been there for very long and they come walking through the door. That was resolved quickly. We played some games with them. After we tried some potentials. We had supper with the other elders. We then went to the Farmers' market to try and talk with people. We didn't have much time though. We had a lesson with Moses. He is a super guy and is so ready for the gospel. We then had a lesson with Alex.

Well we had our interview. We had lunch and then exchanged back. We came home and did some weekly planning. We went and helped take down at the Farmer's market in Tofield. We then had supper with Svenson's. We then came home and finished some planning

We had language lunch then went to Veg. We visited with Sis Yost for a bit. We stopped by formers and potentials. We had supper. pretty much all of our plans fell through. We went out to Stennes' again that night to visit them.

We had branch council. We then had church. We tried by some potentials. We then had supper at Hoag's. That was a great time out there. I really had fun. They are such great and understanding people. We then went and talked with Murray. We apparently are never going back. Elder Laulu doesn't like him.

Well we had pday. We did what we could around here and then we went in to Sherwood park and met up with some other missionaries and played around. As we were coming back we stopped at Cahoon's for supper and then went and helped Tiedemann's move in. We then went and met with President Manion. After that we went to Hillyer's to talk with them.

It has been a never ending roller coaster lately. I'm so grateful for my friends and family. Even though I'm up here in Canada, I can still feel their love and support everyday. Thank you for all of the prayers and love.

Love, Elder O'Neill

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