Monday, June 9, 2014

Tofield Chapter 8

WOW this week was sure crazy. Well I can tell you that it is officially summer up here. The mosquitoes and allergies are in full attack. It's been a week.

Well it wasn't that exciting. We met with Daniel and had a really good conversation with him. I don't know if it is going to get anywhere soon with him, but he is definitely missionary minded, just not our church. We then had supper at Hoag's. They are a great family. They are very health conscious. They don't eat any wheat. It's pretty impressive. We then tried some potentials.

Veg day. We went and met with Meggie and had a decent lesson with her. Things are looking up. We then went and visited with Soren. I might have already mentioned this but they run a sign shop and they also do photography. Apparently the next time we go over they are going to take some picture of/for us. We then went and helped Chuck plant some trees. Well kind of. He tilled up some of the land along the river and was planting some cut off shoots. Hopefully they will grow. He took us out for lunch as well. We then went and visited Sis Yost and Sis Olsen. We had bowling then went to see Stennes'. We haven't been able to visit very often since we live in Tofield and yet again they weren't home. :P

We had district meeting and went to Kelly's. Well that was the second week in a row that our meal was paid for. We decided to leave a big tip. We made a elephant out of coins. After that we went on exchanges. I was in Fort Skat this time. We went and played games at the church with the seniors. We then went back dropped off my stuff and went and tried formers for a little bit. We had supper at the Reed's, which was pretty fun. Sister Reed knows a lot of the same people that I do from my mission. Her Uncles are the Stonehocker's in Innisfail and then she grew up in Londonderry. It was weird. The stake up here is doing trek and she is in charge and was needing some advice. I tried to tell them about the treks I was on. After that we tried some LA's and tracted a bit, then more formers.

Well we had our interview and then had lunch. Things took longer so we had to rush to exchange back. We drove back to Tofield and did some Weekly Planning. After that we tried by some Po's. We had supper at the Chutes and then went to the Promenade to help out. We were volunteered to help out. It was like the carnival during Steel day's (I don't know why I'm comparing it to that since we never went, but whatever). Bro Tiedemann owns a bunch on inflatables that were set up. We were in charge of the bungie run. It was a ton of fun. We were able to talk to a lot of people. It was pretty fun. Elder Garver beat Murray in a race. That was the night.

Veg day. We went and helped Chuck plant some more trees. These were actual trees we were planting this time. We had to dig some holes and take them out of the buckets. It was a lot of work. We then helped Mary plant some flowers. We went to Albert's for lunch. After that we tried by some potentials. We stopped by to drop off a movie to Roy and Crystal. We stopped in at Katelyn's and then drove back to Tofield for the night session of Stake Conference. It was pretty cool because it was for everyone 12 and up. It was really good.

Well we had Stake/ Canada conference. It started as a stake conference and then we sung some hymns until the Canada wide broadcast came on. We had a broadcast of one of the seventies and General Relief Society President then Elder Holland and President Eyring. It was a pretty cool thing. After we went to the Fishers. They had the Gillis' over as well. We were there for a while. We tried by some potentials and then went to Murray's. That was interesting. They have a vent over this hole that just goes straight down into their basement. They have climbed through it a few times. Murray went up through and so did their son. Elder Garver tried to go up through. He had some difficulty, but made it. After some "encouragement" I tried to go. I made it. It wasn't easy at all. It took some work. I now know that if I got stuck in 8x14 hole I could maybe get out.

Well it was Pday. We played basketball then went to Kastendiecks acrage. We helped clean out the beaver dams and some other things. We weren't out there for very long yesterday. We just hung around the apartment. Supper cancelled, so we went to Ryley. We met with the McCauley's and then tried po's.

Well that was my week.
Love you all,
 Elder Colin O'Neill

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