Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tofield Chapter 10

WOW this week was crazy. We didn't get to email until Wednesday since we had zone conference yesterday and the library is closed on Monday. Wednesday is a long time to wait to email everyone. I don't like it. Well other than that everything else is good.

Well we emailed and then had lunch. We spent the whole day trying potentials and tracting. We had supper at Sis Roughley's with the older Fisher's and her friend Della. It was really cool. We had a lesson on the BOM, but as it went on Della had questions about the POS so we talked a little bit about it then and gave her a POS pamphlet. It was a really cool lesson. We then stopped by the Princes and then went and met with Galongo's. It was pretty relaxing to finally sit down and talk.

Veg day. We had a lot that went on. We were going to meet with Anthony with Bro Bates but that didn't happen. We had to fill in some time before our lesson with Meggie and Sis Fisher. It was pretty funny. I don't remember what we were teaching, but we wanted Sis Fisher to invite her to church. We didn't really know how to give Sis Fisher the clue so Elder Garver showed her the page in the back of the pamphlet about Come Worship with Us. She didn't know if he wanted her to read the page or what. He finally pointed to the Come Worship with Us and she turns to Meggie, "Well now I going to invite you to church." It was pretty funny. We need members at lessons but we don't always know how to make everything go. We had lunch out at the Bates, elk hamburger stew. We met with Sis Gillespie. She is back in the hospital. We then went to Soren and Lynda's. Well we finally got our pics taken. It was pretty fun. I was much more comfortable posing for them then Elder Garver. We met with Sis Yost. Chuck and Mary took us to Vito's for supper. After we ran to bowling. It was fun since it was funky bowling. They had to do different things each round. I don't remember it perfectly but it was something like normal, right hand, left hand, both hands, backwards, one foot, sitting down, holding a team mates hand, between the teams legs, then however. It was pretty fun to watch them. They were having a great time too. We then went out to Stennes' and helped them move some washers around to get fixed or taken away.

Well we had district meeting and lunch at Kelly's. We came back and helped out at Busy B. We then drove to Ryley. We stopped by the McCauley's. Sis McCauley had their baby and he was doing well. We then tracted in Ryley for a while. We had supper with Bro Fisher again, then we tracted some more.

We did a little bit of planning then went to the Food Bank. We actually helped out that time. We then finished planning and had lunch. We did time and then tried Potentials and tracted. We helped take down the Farmer's market again. We didn't have to take down the tables this time which was nice. We then had supper at Cahoon's. The Older Cahoons just came back from their mission in Burundi Africa. So we got to meet Sis Cahoon. It was fun. They also have one of those back stretching things that lets you hang upside down and we tried it out. It was really fun. Just hanging by your feet was cool. We then went and met with Carol again. She is super nice. We cut it short, because we were going to help Sis Roughley move some dirt, but when we got there she changed her mind for that night. It was alright.

Veg Day. We went out first thing to the Stennes and helped them out. I guess a lot has been going on and our visit was a really good thing. We then had lunch. We went and visited with Sis Skeem. We then went and met with Shirley. We showed her about Mormon messages. Before we could watch one we found one for Father's day and she shared it on her husbands Facebook page for everyone to see. It was pretty awesome. We then went to try potentials and stopped by Dianne. We had called her many times before but we couldn't ever make things work out. We just stopped by and she let us in. We walked in and there were scriptures and pictures of Christ all over the walls. On the table she had three different bibles open. It was crazy. We were a little worried about what we were getting into, but she is just confused. She had been bouncing between about 4 different churches and is just confused. We started by talking about the Book of Mormon and how it really does give us more than the bible does. She already had three of those from different missionaries before. We then had supper and tried to take a small nap. We had a lesson with Roy and Crystal, which went pretty well. On the way out of town we stopped and got shakes at DQ. I miss going and getting shakes every so often.

Well it was church. The senior Cahoons spoke and it was really cool. They had quite a time in Africa. After church they had a lunch since a lot of their family was there and they live a decent ways from the church. They invited anyone to come. There was plenty of food and it was good. We spent most of the night tracting. We did stop by the Comeniuks and had a good visit with them. Their RM daughter told us to go stop by her friend. After that we tracted that street. It is right by our apartment. She was nice but busy and told us to come back another time. We at some point took a supper break. We then kept trying potentials and tracting. We ended the night at Murray's. It was weird that time.

Well it was pday, but didn't really start off like a pday. Heidi that I met at Busy B needed our help that morning. She had found someone to put a window in her shed and he needed help. I didn't mind going out to help. We put the window in and did some other things that were some heavy lifting. We then came back and changed to go play basketball with The Kastendieck's and their friends. There were a lot of people there this time. It was fun. We had 4 on 4 games. It was a long time though. We were there for like 4 hours playing basketball. We then came back and showered and took a nap. We got ready and had supper with Bro Tiedemann. It was nice. We then tried by some potentials.

Well we had zone conference. It was supposed to be from 8:30-4:00, but what ever starts on time. It was more like 9:00 to 4:30. It was really good though. It was fun too. I got to see Elder Coomer and Sis McEwen again. I got to hear about what's been going on. Apparently since I left Elder Hentunen and his comp started to focus on teaching Annette's daughter Kennedy more and she is getting baptized this Saturday. That was really cool to hear. You never know what you might start in one area and have to leave behind for someone else. It was truly amazing news. Well after Zone Conference we headed to Veg. It was cool driving through Edmonton, because the road that leads to Veg went through Londonderry and we drove through a little bit of it. We had supper with Shaw's. We then tracted for a bit. Then we went to Chuck's.

Well it was a crazy week. A lot happened. A lot always happens. One week can hold so many fun and exciting things if you are looking for them. :)

Love you all,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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