Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tofield Chapter 11

Wow I can't believe it's almost been two transfers here. We have transfer calls next Monday. It's crazy. Well I guess this will be a shorter email since I didn't email till Wednesday last week, but still a lot went on.

So we got up and emailed. We then helped Chuck out. They were cleaning out one of their friends houses before the new people took possession Friday. So we helped him load stuff into the truck and take it back to his house and put it in their tarp shed. It was a long day. He took us to Timmy's for lunch and then Mary made supper for us as well. We went to bowling and it was fun. They were doing bingo bowling. Whatever a person bowled then you check off the square with the score. It was fun. 8 and 11 are hard to get in 5 pin bowling. Did I mention it is only 5 pin bowling up here, for the most part? After that we stopped by Anthony and talked with him a bit. We used one of the trainings that we learned at zone conference with him and committed him to read 10 minutes a day. It was great He asked "would it be rude to read in the bathroom?" Then we just drove home.

Well we didn't have district meeting, but we did have lunch at Kelly's. We met Elder Babb and Elder Jenkins there for exchanges. We went on a three way exchange to get to know the district better. I was with Elder Jenkins in Fort Skat. We had fun. I was able to give Elder Jenkins some cool ways to find people through formers and potentials. Apparently some of the members have friends that they haven't told to the missionaries. It was a pretty fun time.

Well we exchanged back and then drove home and had lunch. We then planned and tracted. We had supper with Sis Brockhurst, Sis Roughley and the Chutes. It was really great. I think we just tracted the rest of the night.

Veg Day. We went and visited Sis Gillespie. She was in the long term care place. It is a really nice place and good for her. It was pretty cool. She said the prayer at the end. We then went and were going to get haircuts from Shirley's mom, but we went and they weren't home. We then went and shopped at Walmart. We came back and Shirley's husband answered and said she didn't feel well. So no haircuts. We grabbed a small sandwich at Subway. We went to see Thompsons' but they weren't home. So we went and visited with Sis Yost. We then went to Roy and Crystal's. It was Roy's birthday on Sunday so they invited us over for his birthday party. It was fun. We got to meet Crystals' family. It was cool. We then had supper at Bates. We had a good time there. We then went out to the Stennes and had a good conversation with one of their friends. He was over to help fix their car and it was really entertaining for us as he was trying really hard not to swear in front of us.

Well we had Branch Council and they talked about the Branch mission plan. We then had normal church. I was really able to learn a lot. I wish we could have had some investigators there. We then had a coordination since Sis Pufong was at church this week. We went home and had lunch. We then stopped by potentials and tracted for most of the night. We did stop by Carol's and had a good lesson with her and her family. We did the same thing of introducing the story of the Book of Mormon through the pictures in the front cover. It went really well. We then continued to stop by potentials and tract. We did tract into one guy that doesn't believe in the New Testament or the Book of Mormon. He is a mason. We are going back with Bro McDaniel later today. That will be fun.

P-day was fun. We got up and went to Elk Island National Park. We didn't actually go to the park, but to the free side on the other side of the Highway. That side just has a hike around one of the lakes. It is 16 Km long. We went probably 5 in total 2.5 out 2.5 back. It was more like a photography trip for me. I took a lot of cool pictures. There was a lot of green though. It reminded me of the Ellis' bird farm. We then came back grabbed lunch and went to play basketball. It was pretty fun. We then came back and I took like a 30 min nap then took a shower. We then met Heidi, the lady that we do service for, at Tilley's. She was taking us out for supper to repay us. Elder Garver and I got a large pizza, half donair, half perogie. It was soooo good. We had a really good talk with her and we were able to answer a lot of her questions about the church. We then went and helped Sis Beck move some plants, then talked with her for a while. We then tried by some people and tracted. We did stop by one house. We are pretty sure they thought we were JW, but were pretty adamant that we never go back ever never. It was one of those, Wow calm down we understand bye moments.

Well that was my week. As exciting as it can get.
Love you,
Elder O'Neill

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