Monday, June 16, 2014

Tofield Chapter 9

WOW WOW WOW. This week was CRAZY busy. So many awesome things happened that I don't know if I'll be able to write about all of them. I'll do my best.

Well we tried to help out at the Food Bank, but they didn't have much for us to do, so we went and emailed. We went back and had lunch. We started tracting for a little bit, before we help Pres Hillyer take chairs off of the stage at the Hall. We then tracted for a lot more. We had supper at the Gillis' really quickly before we ran to the Pillings to teach the final things we needed to before the baptism on Saturday.

Veg day. We met Sis Hillyer at Shirley's, but she wasn't home, so we went to Meggie's. We had a really good lesson with her. She is looking for a new church and we are just trying to get her to church. We stopped by Shirley again before Sis Hillyer left and got in to talk for a few minutes. Not long, but worth it to introduce a member. We then went and talked with Soren and Lynda. We went to Anthony and talked about some things we would teach about. They are really interested in learning more and they want to know the deep stuff. We then had Lunch and shopped at Walmart. We met with the town service coordinator. She texted us since there is a lot going on this summer and gave us some things to Volunteer at. We had supper and then went bowling. We still had a little bit of time so we went to the Thompson's like we used to. We had a decent lesson with them.

ONE YEAR!! I couldn't believe it. We had district meeting. Fort Skat brought my package and we opened it up. I gave everyone some of the cookies and we played with the slinky. Then we had lunch at Kelly's. We all then went out to the Pillings so Elder Mugerian could interview for the baptism. Meanwhile the rest of us were playing with the goats and chickens. Not long before we got there one of the mama goats had triplets. One of them died soon after though. I got to touch a newly born baby goat. After the fun we went back to Tofield. We did time and then tracted. We were going to have supper at Fisher, but it wasn't going to be ready for a little while, so we went to talk with Daniel in the meantime. It was an interesting lesson. We don't really agree on too much. We then went back to Fishers and ate with Bro Fisher while the rest were at soccer. They are very fun.

Veg Day. We made Friday a veg day, because of the baptism on Saturday. We went first thing and met with Anthony. It was a really good lesson. We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation using a bunch of bible scriptures for support. It was fun and exciting. We shared one scripture and he pulled the scriptures out of Elder Garver's hands to read it again. Later we shared another scripture and he went in to get his own bible. It was a great lesson. We then went to help out at the Food bank, but there wasn't anything to do. We went and met with Paulette and Thomas, (potentials). They were pretty good. It didn't really get anywhere. We then had lunch. We really only took 30 minutes to eat. We stopped by Sis Gillespie, but she was in Edmonton. We went to visit Sis Yost and decided to use the other 30 minutes as a nap. So we fell asleep in the car in the parking lot of Sis Yost's retirement home. We don't know if anyone saw us or not. We had a good visit with Sis Yost. We tried by some po's then stopped by Shirley to see if she was still coming to the baptism. We ended up teaching her about baptism and the priesthood. We then ran to Chuck's since we were late for supper. We got there and he was still on a call. When he got there they took us to the Bruce Hotel for steak dinner again. It was soo good, but I think I was over ate. We went back and shared a message.

We had an interesting day overall. In the morning we had a Weekly Planning, Lunch, and watching the font fill up all kind of in one. That afternoon we had the baptism and it went well. A lot of the Pilling's family was coming out so they didn't want them to have to come out two days in a row so they also had their baby's blessing there as well. It was really cool. After we ran to the Gillis' really quick since they invited us over afterwards. We then quickly drove to the Pilling's as well. We were there for a bit then came back. We met with Eileen, then we went and met with Carol. They are both iffy on everything. They are willing to have us over, but don't know if it is going to go anywhere.

We had branch council then church. After church we had a coordination then went to Lu's. We were there for lunch and supper. We then stopped by Otto. He is weird to talk to. We think he is pretty hard of hearing, so we don't really get to talk much. Since he just goes on.

Well it was long tiring day. We got up in the morning and played basketball. We then came home got ready and then went to the Ukrainian Historic Cultural Village. It was really cool. They act like the Ukrainian that came over to Canada. Most of them have a part and won't break character. They are really good. It was way fun. We were there for 4 1/2 hours walking around the whole time. We drove back and went shopping. We then went and played more basketball. We had supper at Hillyers and then tried Po's the rest of the night. It was a long fun day.

Well that was my week. Very eventful. I love it out here more and more each and everyday. I am able to see the gospel in action within my own life and the lives of those we meet with.

Love ya,
Elder Colin James O'Neill

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