Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tofield Chapter 6

Well this week was pretty fun. So much happens each week it amazes me that only a week has gone by. It has been pretty great. Oh we also had transfer calls yesterday and Elder Garver and I are staying together for one more transfer. It's going to be great.

Well we helped out at the Lodge. No one was bowling with us so we asked if anyone wanted to do a puzzle and a couple ladies came over. We emailed and then went to change to help Heidi. She is the lady that Elder Mugerian and I met at busy bee. We went out and helped her put together her garden. It is a pretty cool idea. She took some wooden pallets and put landscape fabric on the bottom she is going to fill it with soil and plant things in between the slats. We were out there moving things around for her for a couple of hours. We came back and did some tracting. We had supper at Galongo/Panter. He wasn't there for a long time, so we checked out their place. There are some horse that the owner has on the property and we got to go see them and pet them. We finally just had supper and he came home when we had finished.

Veg day. We went out and helped the Stennes. We moved everything out of their garage/ front room. It looked pretty nice afterwards. Sis S went and got McDonalds, but we were done and had to go before she was back and so we debated for a long time whether or not to leave. We finally just stayed around until she came. We went and met with Sis Gillespie and Sis Yost. We went and talked with Bill for a little while. We stopped by Brianne and just talked with her outside. She seemed hesitant for a lesson. We had supper and then went bowling. The rest of the night was pretty dead then we drove back.

We had District meeting. It was fun. Since we were going to have transfers we didn't know who was going to be leaving so for our activity we had a talent show. I played a medley of Choose the Right and Sweet Hour of Prayer that I came up with. It was a lot of fun. We had lunch at Kelly's. then we drove back to Tofield and worked at Busy Bee. We tracted a lot that day too. We almost have the new division tracted out. which is about 1/4 of the town. We had supper at Pillings and then helped them shovel goat poo. That was quite an experience. I held a chicken and caught and held a baby goat. It was pretty fun. Good stories.

We had weekly planning then lunch. We had Mormon.org time then tracted. We tried by some range road former and potentials before supper at Cahoon's. We were waiting for the burger's to finish so we went to see their horses. We drove and finally got to meet Dan. We have tried him a couple of times and he was finally available to talk for a little bit. We then went back and met with Daniel. That was pretty cool. He mostly leads the conversation. We really didn't get to teach much, but we had a prayer at the end which was cool. It was a circle prayer so we all go around and say a little bit. It was different, but good.

Veg day. We went to Veg and helped Katelyn move some things. We then changed at Chuck's. We went and tried by some friends of Sis Yost that have met with missionaries before, but they weren't interested. We went and talked with Soren. We shared a scripture and said a prayer with him, which was cool. We haven't ever done that before, so it was awesome. We stopped by Thompsons and did a quick lesson with them. They really aren't very interested in the Gospel. We met with Shirley and invited her to church. She was going to come, but texted us that night that she had to take her husband to work, so she couldn't come. :P. We had supper at Chuck and Mary's. We went back over to help put in a closet for Katelyn. Well nothing is ever simple. It took a lot longer than we thought it would. We hurried home.

Well we had church. Roy and Crystal were going to come to church, but never showed up. There wasn't anyone there for Gospel Principles so we went in to Gospel Doctrine. I never realized how much you can learn from just the simple things. GD went over my head. After church we had coordination. It was the first in a long time. Bro Fisher is going to be a great WML. We tried by Zoe and Candace. Neither were available. So we had lunch. We went over and talked with Bro Tollstrup for a little bit and then went out to supper at Woodruff's. Well it was the whole Woodruff Family. Sis Woodruff the Mom, The Younger Woodruff family and the Fisher. It reminded me of Family dinners at Peg's. We then came back and tried some people. We went and talked with Murray and Jesse for a bit.

Monday was a lot of fun. We went to the Kastendieck's acreage again. Bro Kastendieck was home this time and the boys didn't have school. They slept over the night before and we came in the morning. We just had some fun and played around. We hauled some wood and that was about all of the work that we did. It was a ton of fun. We went back and we were going to have lunch at Kastendieck's. We decided to run home and shower quickly. We did that and came back for lunch. They made...wait for it...Moose steaks. It smelled quite gammy, but it was really good. We then took off over to Gillis'. We played a game with Bro Gillis for the rest of the afternoon. It was fun. He has different games then what I'm used to. It takes a lot more thinking and strategy. We had supper with them as well. We shared our message and their daughters friend was there for it. It was a pretty good night.

Well that was my week. Packed with fun and excitement. It's great. :)
Love you all,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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