Monday, June 30, 2014

Tofield Chapter 12

Well I was going to write that this week is transfers, but as of 10:30 we hadn't gotten a call yet. It's now 10:35 and we just got off the phone. Like we guessed Elder Garver is leaving and I'm staying. I'm getting Elder Laulu. He is Samoan. That will be different. :)
Oh and to keep you on your toes, I'm emailing on Monday since Tuesday is Canada day and we are in Veg for goodbyes. Maybe life will settle down.

Well to tell you about my week.

Well we emailed, then had lunch. We were going to practice the song for Sacrament,but Sis Hillyer had to cancel it. Oh well. We ended up doing some tracting. We were tracting we just knocked on this door and no one answered. We were coming down the stairs and this lady called from the door. We went back up to the door to talk to her. Well she turned out to be really cool. She is blind. She told us that she is looking for something more in her life. We promised her that she could find it in the Gospel. We are going back on the 10th. She is so prepared. Well we were tracting across the street after that and we met this lady who answered the door and said I'm busy and walked away. Well we finished that street and had just driven off when Pres Hillyer called us. (He was working next door to her.) He called us if we could come back and help her mow the lawn. We ran to change into service clothes and then mowed her lawn. First time using an electric mower. I'm grateful for gas mowers. That cord got stuck on every bush and was always in the way. Oh Canada. She needed help washing her windows, but we had to go so we left Pres Hillyer there. We ran back to change and met Bro McDaniel for a lesson with Brian. It went pretty well. We were able to start seeing a change already. He was a lot more open then the first time we talked with him. We then followed Bro McDaniel back to his house and had supper with them. After that we tried some people out on the range roads. We then went to Cahoon's for a haircut. 

Well we drove to Veg. We tried to stop by some people in the morning, but no one was home. We ended up helping at the Library for a little while. We had lunch and went shopping. We then went and visited with Soren. He was telling us stories for like an hour and half. It was pretty crazy. We then went and met with Anthony. We had a pretty good lesson with him. We read 1 Nephi 1 with him and helped to relate it to him and understand it. We then talked with Chuck for a little then drove back to Tofield. Daniel took us to Montana's for dinner since Elder Garver was probably leaving. It was super good. I couldn't finish it so I had leftovers. 

We did some Weekly Planning then helped out at Busy B. We went to Ryley and tried by some people there. We had supper with Chutes, then that night we went out to Trent and Khristina's. 

Well we had District Meeting that morning. They had a lesson the night before so we switched Thursday and Friday. We had Lunch @ Kelly's. We then went on exchanges. I went with Elder Babb to Fort Skat. We went and helped Bro Agar build his deck. We did that until supper. We picked up pizza's from one of the older women of the ward. We then went back and ate. We really didn't do too much the rest of the night. 

Well we got up and helped Bro Agar with the deck some more. We did it until we were supposed to exchange back. We exchanged back and drove to Pillings for a goodbye. We then drove to Tofield. We tried by Brian, but he was busy. We went to time and did about 15 minutes until the library closed. We then went and had supper. Then tried by some people and finished tracting the last like 10 houses. Tofield has been tracted out. We then went to Murry's. He took us out to their land out of the town. It was nice. It was raining and we were soaking wet. 

Well we had church. Sister Kastendieck came home from her mission. I've found like 3 connections to her. This world is small. After church we went home to change a little and then went out the Kastendieck's acreage for supper. We were there for a while. We came back and tried by some people, but nothing. 

Well that was my week. Transfers meeting will be fun. There will be a lot of missionaries there and a lot that I know. Elder Marsh and some others that I know will be going home this week. I guess mission life does end eventually. I don't want it to. 

Love you,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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