Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tofield Chapter 13

Oh man so many changes in just one week. I think my head is on straight. It's been crazy.
Well I don't remember if I told you, but I got a new companion. His name is Elder Laulu. He is from Samoa. It's been interesting. We haven't even been together a week.
Well It was Canada Day. It was a non-pros day so we had to figure out what to do to fill our time. We went to the Pancake breakfast. It was in the middle of 50 St. They had to clean it up to get ready for the Parade. It was pretty boring for the first little bit. We didn't really find anyone to talk to. Before the Parade we walked all the way down the street and back up the other side, before we found anyone. We did finally find Fishers and Comaniuks. Pillings were across the street. We then went to the BBQ at The House. We were able to talk to a lot of people that we knew there. After that we took a little break at the appt. We then went and checked out the fairgrounds. There wasn't much there. Watched some barrel racing for a bit. We then drove around and said goodbyes. We had supper at the Fisher's. It was a fun night. The last thing we were going to do, was I told Elder Garver we would go to this little Ice Cream place and I would buy. Well we told Fishers that is where we were going so the girls wanted to come so they were right behind us. We knew that Bro Fisher was going to do it, but we tried to not let him. Well he did end up paying for us instead. Apparently they don't take Visa which is what my card is and I couldn't pull out the cash I had fast enough. It was pretty funny. We then dropped by the House, because we promised some people that we would go to the movie. I don't know why. We got there for the last 5 min. We were able to talk to some people there and talk with Sherilyn and Daniel and some other people we know from there. It was a crazy day.
Well we got up and got everything ready for transfers. Transfer meeting wasn't until noon and it was only like a 45 min drive. Ya we found out in the time it takes to drive to Veg from Tofield, we can go from Tofield and drive to the west side of Edmonton. We ended up leaving early and visiting some one from Elder Garver's old area. We then went to Transfer meeting. I couldn't believe it. Elder Marsh went home. He was done. It didn't seem that long ago that I was with him. Time sure flies by.  Also Elder Shreeve went home. I have known these missionaries my whole mission and now they are gone. Crazy! Well after that our new district (Fort skat 1 and 2, and us) plus Vermillion went out to Panada Express in Sherwood Park for lunch. We came back and I let Elder Laulu unpack a little. I had some phone calls I needed to make. We then went and I introduced him to Sis Roughley. We talked with her for a bit and then went to Fishers for supper. Yes two nights in a row. They did that on purpose.
We had District Meeting at the baseball field again, then went to Kelly's. I guess it takes some time to get to know new people. We then drove to Veg. We helped out at the cultural center for the pysanka festival. We then went and weeded this lady's community garden plot. We then went and visited with Katelyn. We were going to go pick up dinner from Sis Skeem, but surprised us and invited a friend over so we could eat there. After that we went and visited with Sis Yost. then drove home.
Well I didn't know before, but we do language study now. Elder Laulu is learning English so we have an extra hour of studies. We then had lunch and then did Weekly planning. We tried by some potentials. We didn't really know what to do, so we went to Ryley. I wasn't even really thinking of leaving tofield until supper. We were being lead by the Spirit. We stopped by the McCauley's. We then went to try by Sis Godin. Well we knocked on the door and she came and let us in. I don't know if she ever lets people in. She told us that she had a feeling that we might be coming by today. It was then that I guess we were doing things right. We had supper at Cahoon's. We then went and played volleyball at the church. The Fishers and Woodruffs play on some Friday nights and they invited their friend to come play. It was fun. Elder Laulu is a powerful striker.
Veg. We went after lunch. We vistied with sis Gillespie. Then went and talked with Soren. We talked with Chuck, but not for too long. We had supper at Subway and shopped. We then went and talked with Shirley. We then drove out to Stennes' and talked with Bro Stennes for a bit before coming home.
Well I thought it was branch council, but it wasn't so we were one of the first people at the church. We had church and then lunch. We tried by some people for the rest of the night. No one was really home. We did ended up talking with Jesse since Murray wasn't home for a bit. We drove home and talked with Sherilyn for a little while, before we went in.
Well it was p-day. We relaxed for a little bit then shopped. We went and helped Woodruff's move for a while then went to the Tiedemann's for the night with the Gillis'. Played around and had fun. not really much.
Well that was my week. It's weird being in charge of the area. I forgot what it feels like. Just have to be patient with everything.
Love ya,
Elder Colin O'Neill
Ps forgot my camera cord. I'll send pics next week.

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