Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tofield Chapter 14

Holy Cow, this week was just crazy. I'm almost a wreck from it. It had a lot of ups and downs. It was quite an adventure.

Well we emailed and then had lunch. We went and helped out at Busy B and then went to Ryley. We tried by our only potential and found out she isn't much of a potential. We then tracted that street. We then were driving to find another street to tract. We turned the corner and I couldn't tell if we had tracted that street yet then I saw that it was the Svensons's street and that we had. We decided to stop by the Svensons and talk with them for a bit. It was good. It was hot outside and I think we all could have used the break. We then went and had Supper with Gillis'. We then went and visited with Daniel for the rest of the night.

Wow that was a crazy day. We did the new usual, then left for Sherwood park for ZTM. It was fun. To start off with before the actual meeting we had a zone lunch and played Mafia. It was really interesting. We then had ZTM. It was good. We then right after when on exchanges. I was going to be with Elder Reynolds in my area. Well during ZTM I got a text from Sis Stennes needing some help. So we took off and went out there. to help them. We were helping them take some windows off of the trailer and it started raining. It was big rain drops. It was too hard to continue so we jumped in the truck. A few moments later it started to hail. It was crazy. First 4 people in a 3 person truck. I was on Elder Reynolds lap and then it was hailing. What and adventure. We then had pizza with them. We then went into Veg and visited with Chuck and Mary.

Veg Day. We stopped by some people in Veg, more to invite them to the branch BBQ. We were supposed to exchange back at 1 from what we were told. So we took lunch and then drove to Chipman to exchange back. Along the way I showed Elder Reynolds the local landmarks. We got there and waited for a bit and they still weren't there. We called and then texted back and said we were exchanging at 4. We had to hurry and run to Tofield for an appointment. We picked up Bro Gillis and went to meet with Ronnie. She is the blind lady that I think I mention a few weeks ago. We finally met with her. She is really awesome. She is really eager to learn more. What we taught her made since to her. We helped to answer a lot of her questions. She had a lot that were relatively easy to answer, but were concerns for her. It was a super lesson. We then took off and went to exchange back. We went to the Hillyer's for supper. They were great. They had a Birthday cake for me. Pres Hillyer said he got a text from Ann Marie about my birthday. :) It was great. We then went and met with the Roe's. They are a crazy hyper family. We then went to Trent and Khristina's. When we got there they were trying to catch one of the horses. It was interesting to watch. We then visited with them for a bit before we had to come home.

So I love looking at my planner for this day. I colored the edges orange, so it stands out. Well we were around the apartment most of the morning. We decided we need to clean up a bit, before Bro Fisher came to check out apartment, which he still hasn't come. :) We then had lunch and weekly planned. We did Mormon.org. and then tried by some people. We talked with Sis Comaniuk for a bit and then tracted. We had supper with the Kastendiecks and that was crazy. We had Lasagna. They also had sparkling cider. Well so we were eating. Bro Kastendieck went to start cutting the second pan of Lasagna and saved Sam Cahoon's glass from tipping over, but in the process knocked mine onto my plate and all over the table and my lap. Sis Kastendieck was freaking out a little bit. I was just laughing. It was still really good. We then went and played basketball with the Kastendieck and some of their friends.

Veg Day.
Well it started with the Branch BBQ. It was pretty good. Dante (Kastendiecks' friend) was the only non-member for a while. Well towards the end Shirley and Moki came. Well it was also right at the point that everyone was packing up to go to the pool to go swimming. It was a pretty big bummer. We were upset. It was a chance for people to met our investigators and they didn't really stay to talk with them. We then went and talked with Soren for quite a while actually. We then went and were going to stop by Anthony, then Chuck called. We went over there and they ended up taking us to dinner again. It wasn't the best Chinese food I've ever had. Still they are great. :)

We had Branch Council and we were able to take a fair bit of time talking about the people that need the most help that we are working with. We then had church. We went home and had lunch and studies. We then went to the Fisher's for supper. Well it was also the whole Woodruff Family. I mean from a family of 8 kids, 5 of the kids were there with their kids. Crazy. It was still fun. We then tried some potential. We then went to Carol's and talked with her for a while.

Well Pday was pretty boring. We didn't do much until the afternoon. We went shopping and did laundry. We then went to the Church. I was playing piano for a bit, while Elder Laulu was playing basketball and rugby by himself. We then got a text from Sis Kastendieck inviting us over for a water fight with the Hillyer girls. It was a lot of fun. They had a little inflatable pool. We did not get in the pool, but got wet enough if we would have. :) It was a ton of fun. We had supper by ourselves. Afterwards we were trying to figure out what to do. I texted a bunch of potentials and formers and LA and other random people in the phone. The rest of the night and continuing on we get quite a spectrum of responses. Some are pretty funny. We had one LA that was confused at how we had his number. He texted us no thanks, then called us and asked how we got his number. We told him it was just on the branch directory. "I've never even gone to the Church in Tofield." Oh the joys of people. We also had someone text back and say that we could come by this weekend, and I have absolutely no idea who she is or where she lives. Oh the joys of mission life. :)

Well that was my week. It was crazy. I have learned to just live on day at a time. Things are only going to be as good as you make them. It's crazy, but I am learning that is just how my life is going to be. :)

Love you,
Elder O'Neill
(I think he was typing fast, so there are a few mistakes. But I hope you enjoy it anyway! I sure did!)

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