Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tofield Chapter 7

Well this week was a lot of fun, as usual. Did a lot, but a lot fell through.

Well after we emailed we had lunch and then travelled to V to do some things there. We had tried by a lady that Mary had told us about that was a member. We start talking to her and we introduce ourselves and she introduces herself as Sister Klein. Confirmed. She's a member. We talked with her for a little bit. We had tried by some other people and then Katelyn asked if we could come help paint. Luckily we keep clothes in the car. We went over and helped paint her bedroom. It was blue green and orange stripes. We just went over to help prime the walls for a new color. We helped for a long time. They ordered pizza. We then went to Chuck's.

We helped out at the Library and then stopped by some potentials. We got lunch at this café and then went to Walmart to shop. We went and visited with Sis Gillespie, then went to see Sis Yost. We tried by some people and then ended up tracting. We found this really cool guy. We taught him the first lesson at his doorstep. We gave him a BOM and are going to stop by this week hopefully. We then went to Sis Skeem for supper. We usually pick up supper from her, but Bro Fisher had mentioned finding a way to eat supper there. We called her and asked her to invite a friend over. She was trying to get a hold of a LA lady a few streets over, but she wasn't answering, so she went down the hall and invited her friend over. It was really cool. After that we went bowling. We were a little late, but They still love our help. After bowling we drove out to Stennes and they weren't home. Apparently Sis Stennes was in the hospital for something. We drove out to Mundare to stop by some people since we are never in Mundare.

We had District Meeting. That was fun. We couldn't meet at the members in Lamont so we had district meeting on the bleachers of the rodeo grounds. We then had lunch at Kelly's like usual. I felt pretty bad. It was a new cook and the new waitress running the show. Everything was slower than usual and crazy. Toward the end, Kelly finally came and helped finish everything. She also wrote off our bill. They are super great. It was a rough day for them. After lunch we drove to Tofield and helped out at Busy Bee. We tried some people and then ended up tracting. We couldn't ever get a hold of Galongo's so we had supper and then were going to drive out there afterwards anyways. Well we got there and they were expecting us. We sat their with Sis Galongo and Sis Tollstrup until Trent got home. He came home, we shared a quick message so we could leave and get home on time. We saw him for about 10 minutes. Crazy.

We had Weekly Planning then we had lunch. We just tracted all day. It wasn't too bad since the sun was out. got a little bit of a tan. We were asked to help out at the Community hall every 2nd and 4th Friday. Well that is when they have the farmer's market. Well Yvonne is the one in charge and often is the only one there to clean everything up, She isn't young either. Pres Hillyer told us to go help. It was great to be that much help. We also met a member in one of the Sherwood Park wards. She sells pampered chef and gave us some banana bread. :) We had supper with Sister Roughley and the Chutes (that sounds like a band name to me). We then tried by some people. I wasn't feeling too great so we went in a little early. Stomach problems.

We went out to V. Some where along the way Elder Garver decided we should borrow Chuck's bikes for the day. We drove to Chuck's, parked the car and grabbed the bikes. We had to fill up the tires, but we were on bikes all day. It was only for a day. not a whole month in the fall. :P. Good ole' Londonderry. We rode around all day and no one was really home. We tracted a little bit. We stopped by Shirley and they were getting ready to go to church. We asked for a glass of water and they gave us a bottle of water since we were on bikes. The only problem was that the bottles were 1.5 L. They were huge. Elder Garver doesn't have a big bag at all so they went in my bag. :( That was toward the end of the day so it wasn't too big of a deal. We were going to have supper at Chuck and Mary's, but it wasn't quite ready so we stopped in to see Sis Gillespie again. We had supper and then drove, yes drove no more bikes, to Stennes. I loved it. We got there and they were making supper. It was kinda late, but whatever. They were having a little appetizer you could say of one of my favorite things ever. Crab! Yep break it, crack it, dip it in butter crab legs. They were pretty much done, but gave us, mostly me, some of it. I miss crab.

We had branch council. It's so hard to work with the members sometimes. They try to be involved in missionary work, but don't do much. We ended up talking about 1 of our investigators who is in a part member family. They already know some members. It's frustrating. We had to teach Elder's Quorum. It went pretty well with the 5 people that we taught. After we went and quickly changed then went to Kastendieck's for lunch. Had a fun time there and then went to Woodruff's for supper. There was a little time in between, but still very full. We then tried by some people, but they weren't home. We ended the night talking with Murray.

Well we had p-day. We did pretty much nothing. We woke up early to play basketball with the Kastendieck's. We then laid around the apartment for most of the day. We went to the church to play ping pong for a little bit. We went to the Roncin's for supper. We then stopped by some people in Holden since we aren't out there very often.

That was my week. It's still going well here in Tofield. :)
Love from,
Elder O'Neill

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