Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tofield Chapter 5

Well this week was a lot of fun. I really did enjoy talking to the Fam on Sunday. It was a fun conversation, so I wasn't homesick at all. It was great. The kids have definitely grown a lot!
Well I'll tell you about up here in Tofield.

Well after emailing we went and had Lunch. We tried stopping by a few people, but they weren't home. So we didn't have anything to do while in Tofield so we went to Veg to give us an extra day up there for the week. We went up there and helped reshelve books at the Library. We then went and were able to meet with Eric. They had met with him before, but never really taught anything yet. We went over and did the same. We started to try and teach him, but it wasn't going super well so we just got to know him better. We went and visited with Sis Yost for a bit. She is back home and doing well. We then went out to see the Stennes'. We haven't been out there for a while. It was a good visit. We were able to have a really good talk with their friend Tammy. We are going to bring her a quit smoking program, if we can find one. I was also able to help Sis Stennes with her computer. I helped her move her pics from her hard drive to the computer and fix some settings. I loved being able to work on a computer again.

We were in Veg again. We were going to meet with Dianne but she was busy. We went and talked with Bill for a little bit. Then went and had a lesson with Meggie. It went really well. We were finally able to finish teaching her L1. After Lunch, we were going to go out and help Stennes, but when we got there they weren't home. Oh well. We drove back to Veg and met with Sis Gillispie. She had fallen and her left side of her face was all bruised. She didn't look too well, but is doing fine now. We visited with her for a bit and then went and visited with Soren. We then went and had a lesson with Shirley. It went great. We taught her L2 and had a really good lesson. We invited her to come to church, but she needs to check with the rest of the Fam before. We went and had supper at the Shaw's and then went to bowling. We had to leave early to go to Thompson's who weren't home. Lame. Well we tried some potentials before our lesson with Glenn. We were going to bring Bro Bates, but when we called he forgot. We needed him there so we waited for him. We went to Glenn. This is the guy we met last week. It was a bash. Bro Bates just threw down. It was really fun, but I know why we aren't supposed to get in those situations. Glenn and his friend aren't going to change.

Well it wasn't too exciting. We had ZTM so it took up most of the day. We worked on the area book for a little bit in the morning  and then drove to Sherwood Park. ZTM was pretty good. It was great to see some missionaries that I haven't been around for a little while. Right after ZTM we had to leave to get back in time for supper. We had supper at Sis Brockhurst. She had her friend over. She knows all about our church. She said half her friends are Mormon, so she is half Mormon. After supper we went to the Pillings with Bro Fisher. We then drove home.

Well we had weekly planning then lunch. After lunch we went for Mormon.org time. We then went and helped out at Busy bee. We tried by some potentials and tracted. We had supper at Fishers and then invited the Crumps to come over. It was good, because we don't know the Crumps very well. We then left there and hurried and changed to go help the Pillings. We were going to go help them with their goats, but instead we helped them put in posts for a new fence. It was still good.

Well we went to Veg. We went and visited with Sister Gillespie and Sister Yost. We met with Bill and tried by a lot of other people. Not much really happened. Chuck and Mary took us out for supper at Vito's. It was good. I had the baked seafood fettuccini. It was alright, the seafood was imitation crab. Don't have seafood in the country. It was great. We went back and visited for a little bit and then left.

We had branch council. We then had Church. It was really good. For Mother's Day they gave all the mom's little flowers. After church we ran home for a minute and then went to Lu's. Well I had lunch with Lu, Bob and Sis Beck while Elder Garver was skypeing. Then I got to Skype and you know about that. We then waited for supper. While we were waiting we played Ticket to Ride. It is a pretty fun game. We then had supper and shared a message. By then we need to leave for the night.

Well P-day was a lot of fun. We did what we needed to and then we went out to the Kastendiecks acreage. We had fun out there. We played Bochi and I took some cool pictures. We just hung out, out there. We then came back and went to supper at Tiedeman's. It was fun. Crazy trying to find it. We then came back to Tofield and then went and visited with Becky. That was about the rest of the day.

Well got to go. Love you all
Elder O'Neill

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