Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tofield Chapter 4

Wow this week was crazy. So much happened. I'm honestly pretty tired. We are working hard out here. I love it.

Well we started by cleaning the whole Veg apartment. We were moving out, so we had to take everything that was left, out and put it in the trailer, then clean everything. We went out with Elder and Sister Poulin to the Bates for lunch. They used to live in Veg. We then went back and finished cleaning. We got done at about 3:30. We stopped by some people. We picked up supper from Sis Skeem and went to Chuck and Mary's to eat it since we no longer had an apartment. We continued to stop by some people.

Well we went and helped out at the Veg Library and then did Mormon.org time. We had lunch at Subway and then went to see Sis Yost. We went up to see Sis Gillispie in dialysis after that. We continued to try by people until supper. Since we had been keeping score at the bowling alley for the Special Olympics, we were invited to a dinner. It was great. I was fine with just having water, but "grandma" deal kept having them bring coke for us. We had a lesson with the Thompson that didn't really get anywhere. We then drove home.

We had district meeting and lunch at Kelly's. We then went on exchanges. Elder Mugerian and I were going to be in Tofield. I was pretty nervous. I knew how to get around in the area, but really didn't know the area very well. It went well though. We went and helped out at Busy Bee. We were able to have some good conversations with some people there. We might be able to help this one lady with some service. We had to send in Klick and then we tried by Potentials. We had supper at McDaniel's. We tried by a former out there. He actually answered the door which was a success. He was busy, but he answered.

Well we had our interview and then had lunch. We drove and exchanged back then drove back. We had Weekly Planning and stopped by potentials. We had supper at Hillyer's. It was fun. Bro Hillyer's parents came too. They are from Southern Alberta. We were going to go to the Pillings but they cancelled during supper. We ended up just stopping by potentials.

We travelled to Veg and tried Maggie. She wasn't home. We tried some other people and nothing. We ate lunch at Subway. We had a lesson with Roy and Crystal with Bro Cahoon. That was a good lesson. We were able to talk about the issues with marriage and that they can find and feel the answer as they read the Book of Mormon. It went really well. We found out more about the issue and it totally makes more sense. We went and met with Shirley, had a good lesson introducing her to the Book of Mormon. We then went to Chuck and Mary's. They gave us supper and we chatted for a while. We then drove home.

We had church. We went in and helped teach part of Relief Society. We were supposed to talk about ways for members to share the gospel. We had prepared a little bit, but didn't really know what Sis Brockhurst wanted. She gave us a copy of the handout before church. She was going to give us about 15-20 mins. We were really only going to take about 10-15, but we made it a good quality 20 min. The Spirit really guided that. We went home and had our lunch hour. We then tried by Gary, busy of course. We went to try the Hindi house and they were just leaving, but said to come back at 6. We stopped by Bill and set up a time for later. Then we tracted a bit. We had supper at the Kastendiecks. Their youngest just turned 12. It was a lot of fun. We then met with the Hindi people. Kishar is the only consistent person we talk to. We had a good lesson going over the first lesson. We then drove out to set up something with McGale's and Dan. We ended the night by going and talking with Murray.

For a P-day it was a lot of work, but it was sooo much fun. We woke up and went to the church to play basketball with the Kastendiecks. Bro Kastendieck then took us out to their acreage. We had some fun out there and helped out with some of the projects. It is great out there. We were out there until 2:30. We then came back and showered and took a nap. We woke up and went shopping. We drove to the Huderites (?) to buy some eggs. They sell them for $2/dozen. We then drove back and had dinner. We stopped by some people, but nothing really happened. We were able to meet with the Roe's. It was a good visit. Not much else happened.

I'm still recovering from yesterday, but I'm doing great. Hope everything is going well at home.
Love you,
Elder O'Neill

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