Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tofield Chapter 3

I can't even believe it has only been a week. It seems like it has been so much longer. I guess that's a good sign.

Well we did the usual. Then we went to help at the Tofield Lodge. It's a retirement. home. We went and played games with them. It was fun. We were there for a couple of hours. We went and emailed then we had lunch. We went and helped out at Busy Bee and tried some potentials and tracted. We went to Pilling's for supper and had a really good talk with Bro and Sis Pilling about getting their son baptized. We now have an investigator on date. We then went to the Stennes. I guess we used to go on Monday night, but since we don't live in Veg anymore, we can't do that. We were driving home to Veg and got a chance to go and share a message. 

Well our day was a little bit thrown off. We were invited by this guy that we talked to, to come to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. They have a service every morning at 7:00. We went. It is so different. We then came back and got ready. We went and visited Sister Yost. We also visited Sister Gillispie. She was transferred back to Veg. She was doing better. We then went out to help the Stennes' move some things around. That was fun...not. We moved one couch out of the living room and one couch into the living room. We had to go outside and it was raining. It was quicker than we thought it would be which was good. We came back and tried some potentials. We had supper with the Shaw's. Bro Shaw then came with us to teach the thompson's. It went pretty well. We then went to Bannack's. We had a good time there. We played crib for a little bit and I skunked Bro Bannack and Elder Garver. It was amazing considering I hardly knew how to play. :)

Well we packed up more of our stuff and went to DM, had lunch at Kelly's, then went to Tofield. We unpacked and went and did mormon.org time. We had supper on our own. We then tried by some people. That night we stopped by Daniel. He is a really great guy. He pretty much found Jesus on his own. He read some of the BOM and is opening up a little to our religion. We had a really great talk with him. 

We did some Weekly Planning. we had lunch and then tracted a little. We were supposed to meet with Zoe, but she wasn't home. We just traveled to Veg. We met with Gerald. He was a former who is still a former. He isn't ready. We were supposed to have a lesson with Shirley with Bro Shaw, but she wasn't home either. Potentials. We went to supper at the Pufong's. They are a great family. They came from England like 6 months ago. That supper was really good. WE then went and talked with Soren.

Well we were going to have a lesson with Bill, but he wasn't home/ didn't answer when we tried the first time. We went and visited Sis Yost. Sis Gillispie was released and went home. We went and tried by Bill again and he answered. Had a long talk with him. He likes to go on long tangent stories. We went and had lunch then drove to Tofield. We tried to unload a lot at the apartment before we had to go to Cahoon's to get our haircut. Well on the way out of town the train was stopped. We had to back track to cross the tracks to make it to the highway to get there. We finnaly got there and Bro Cahoon gave us both haircuts. I'll let you see on Mother's Day. It's short and I like it. :) We then drove to Hillyer's for supper. We ended up talking a lot about the Toone's. It was fun. They are a really great missionary minded family. We were going to have a lesson with Roy, but that fell through, so we tried potentials. We ended the night visiting Murray. 

Well It was an interesting day. We started off with Branch council. Well it was the first Sunday with the new leadership. President Hillyer wanted to start it off right by getting everyone united by everyone saying what like admire and like about everyone. Well I only knew a few people in there. It was a little hard, but I guess I'm a pretty good judge of character. I was able to find something to say to each one. It was really funny when it got to Elder Garver. We had a comp I in front of the Branch council. made us laugh a little. We had church. We then had a quick lunch so we could make it back for coordination. Well it ended up not happening. Bro Cahoon came with us to some lessons which also fell through. We went back to the Church to pick up Bro Stothart and went to the Cahoon's for supper. We had a good time there. We then went to the Stake priesthood meeting. It was alright. Some technical issues made it hard to get the whole thing. 

Well it was P-day in Tofield. We did a whole lot.......of nothing. We ended up going shopping and looking at about the 5 different stores that looked good. I found a new wallet that was about it. We went to the Roncin's for supper. They live about 15 min south of Holden. Found out they actually live in the Camrose ward, but had permission to come to Tofield. We then drove to Veg. 

Well so far today we got up and cleaned up and moved out of our Vegreville apartment. The Poulin's came at about 10 and we moved and started cleaning until noon. We all went out to the Bates for lunch. They used to live in Veg. We then went back and finally finished everything at about 3:30. We are now emailing and then probably picking up dinner from Sis Skeem and then driving to Tofield. 

Well wish you all well,
Love you sooo much,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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