Monday, April 7, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 24-Final Chapter

Well we had transfer calls this morning. It was really annoying because they came so late. We were one of the last ones to be called. I'm going to Tofield!!! It's out of the city, so I'm happy. :) I'm going to miss Londonderry, but it was my time to go. I'm excited for the change.
Well time to go through my week. Not much happened, because it was the last week of transfers and General Conference, but still a pretty good week.
P-day and then we went to Tanners for supper. We were there for a long time. It was a lot of fun, but long. We then went home and did phone calls.

We were going to go out on the LRT in the morning, but my stomach hit and I wasn't feeling good.  We met Wario at the church and had a lesson with him. We put him on date. He believes that the book of mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. It's awesome. We then had studies and lunch. We then tried LA's for the afternoon before supper with Laubman's. We then tried more LA's that night, until my stomach hit again. We went home for a bit. We then went over to Pilisko's to go through the ward list and mostly so I could give any information on what I knew about people. Any contact. We only got to the G's before we had to go.
LRT, prep. We then went and helped out at the Salvation Army store for a little bit. We then went to Pilisko's for Lunch and continued going through the Ward list. Finally spewed out all of the information that I knew. I knew the ward directory way too well. We then went to help Dave for a little bit. I'm not going to miss helping him. "So ya uh right now then so shall we..." :) We then went home did a little comp study and then went to Johnstons for supper. We then went to try some more LA's.
Prep, studies. We went over to Annette and Geordy's and taught then the Word of Wisdom. It went really well. We are trying to help Geordy quit smoking. We then went and did some more studies. We then had a zone lunch and then ZTM. It was a lot of the trainings that were given at the meeting last week that Elder H had already shared with me. I was still able to gain some new insights. We then went to try a LA Micheal that we had called we drove all the way down there and he wasn't home. We then drove to supper at Fixsen's. They had invited Davies' over, because Bro Davies isn't a member. We went through the restoration pamphlet with all of them. Didn't go as well as we hoped. It was a really good lesson, Bro Davies just isn't ready yet. We then went over to Higgins. We had the same lesson with them. The Spirit was supper strong. We just hope he could feel it.
Prep, PS. We then had a final district lunch, since we haven't had district meeting in a while. We got together at the church. It was a lot of fun and we were able to say some goodbyes. It was amazing. We then went home for some more studies. We then did weekly planning. We had a lesson with Jesse and then went to the church for the young men's activity. It was quality time with the young men. It was super fun.
Well it was conference so it was an awesome day. Pristhood session was my favorite. Everyone should watch it. We got up and went to the Stake center. after the morning session we drove CV1 to an appointment. We ended up going to the Thomas for the afternoon session and lunch. After that we went to older Palmers for supper. We then went to Priesthood. We then left there and had a quick lesson with Jonah. He was going to come to one of the sessions but he wasn't feeling too good. We met with him quickly and then went in.
We woke up and went to the Stake Center. We watch Music and the Spoken Word then conference. Castledowns ward had a lunch in between sessions, so we just hung around in between. We watch the second session and then we went down to Joe and Sheena. We didn't ended up going in because Joe wasn't home, so we went to Skinners. We then had supper at Calverts. We then went to Palmers for coordination and p-day eve.
last week was a lot of goodbyes and this week is still going to be some more. I'm excited for the adventures waiting for me in Tofield. :)

Elder Colin O'Neill

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