Monday, March 31, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 23

Wow this week has been a bit of a gong show, but it was a good gong show. In total we got 3 new investigators and dropped one of them already.
Well we had a good pday. Crazy thing happened when we were shopping. We were walking down an aisle and this lady asked:
"Hey are you mormons?"
"Well yes we are."
"How do I get a Book of Mormon?"
"Well, we don't have one on us right now, but we can bring one to your door."
"Oh never mind then."
She walks away. Elder H yells at her saying that if she sees other missionaries to ask them. We continue shopping and a few minutes later she comes back.
"Do you have a card or something? I really want a Book of Mormon. Could we meet somewhere?"
"We could meet at your home."
"No I'd rather not. Could we meet here tomorrow."
"Well this is a little far from where we live. We live next to Londonderry Mall we could meet you there?"
"Ok, see you tomorrow.  My name is Elizabeth by the way"
It was one of the weirdest experiences that kept going throughout the week. You'll hear the whole story slowly. It's crazy. Well the rest of p-day was good. We didn't play basketball again. Instead we played floor hockey. We ended up playing full court too. It was awesome. We went to Laubman's for supper. Some thing hit me while we were there. I thought it was I just got a minute to finally relax for a bit, but it kept up. Our lesson fell through that night, so we went back to do some phone calls. I was wiped out. We planned out the next day and I went to bed at like 9.
LRT and prep. I still had close to zero energy. We went and met Elizabeth at the mall.
"Thank you for the Book of Mormon. It is actually for my son. He is really interested in this right now and would like to meet with you."
"Ok well can we have his number to call him?"
"No he'll give you a call to probably meet with you tomorrow."
"Ok well our number is in the back of the Book"
So we went back to our apartment. We had studies and then we went down to Dave's to help him out a little for this week. After that we went and did time. I was still wiped out don't know what was wrong. We were picked up by Kingway and we met Dan and Jen from Parkland at OJ's for wing night. They have Tuesday night wing night. 10 wings for $3.50. It was a lot of fun. Dan also, I'm pretty sure when he went to the bathroom, paid for us all. It was super nice. We then went back home and Elizabeth called us seeing if we were available to meet on Thursday at 3. We didn't know what was exactly going on on Thursday so we planned for Friday. I don't know what was exactly wrong, but when we went to OJ's I was just fine. It was weird I had zero energy. I wanted to go out and do things, but my body didn't want to move. Totally fine now.
LRT, prep, studies, lunch. We then went to Bro Duckworth's I haven't seen him in a while. We weren't able to go last week and the week before they went on exchanges. It was a good visit. We then rode the LRT for a little bit and then went back to our apartment to wait for Tagalog to pick us up for supper at Stebners. It was fun. We then stopped by some LA's in the area.
Well today was all sorts of confusing. There was a big meeting in Sherwood Park where some one from the missionary department came to give some trainings on how to teach better. Well the thing was that not everyone was going. Only about half of the city missionaries were going. By half meant half of each companionship. So while Elder Hentunen went to the meeting I was with Elder Scheiss in both of our areas. Well they came to pick us up at 7:45 and then we dropped of our comps at the ZL's place so they could go to the meeting. We went back to their apartment for studies. We then we out to try LA's in Clareview. We stopped at 7-eleven to get drinks for the day. We then stopped by some LA's in Clareview. We then went to pick up CD2 to go to the Italian Bakery for lunch. We then dropped them off and stayed there for a bit. We then stopped by some LA's in Londonderry. By then it was time to get our companions back. We waited around our apartment for them. We then planned the lessons for the night, then went to Ewing's for supper. Supper was running late, so we shared the message first and then ate. We told our next appointment, Purnell's (upstairs), we might be a little late. We then went up and met with Bro Purnell. We then went home for some phone calls.

LRT, prep, studies, lunch. We then did a little weekly planning until we had to go meet Elizabeth and Alex at Indigo, a bookstore. We met them there. Elizabeth went shopping while we met with Alex. He was interesting. He had a read a lot online about us. He had seen a lot of the negative and really wanted to know what we were about. We taught him Lesson one. We were going to meet him at the church on Sunday. We weren't really sure how interested he was in changing. "I still want to wear speedos on the beach and drink wine and go to clubs." We then went to Annette's for supper. She has signed up once a month to feed us and once a month for the sisters as well. We went over with Josh from the ward. It was really good and we had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon with her. Geordy had to work. Wish he could have been there. We then went back to finish weekly planning while we waited for CD1 to go on exchanges.

Well We exchanged right before we had to be in so I ended the night in Castledowns. We went and played basketball in the morning. Prep, studies. Part way through studies Elder K wasn't feeling too good so he went to lay down for a bit. We waited for a little. He started to feel better. We were going to help this family move, but I didn't have any service clothes. So we went to get some clothes and then went to help them move. We then picked up our comps and met some others and went to lunch. We wanted to get together and go to lunch since one of the elders is going home in a week. It was so much fun. We went to this place where you build your own burger. They have different things that you can put on your burger. We had fun with our burgers. We exchanged back after lunch. We then headed to Higgins. When we got there they weren't home, so we caught a bus to head home. While we were waiting at Clareview, Higgins called. We asked if they could pick us up. He came and we went for supper. We didn't eat much, but it was still good. We then had an amazing lesson. We are going to start over with the lessons. We then went to a lesson which was amazing. We met Jonah at the bus stop on Friday on the way to Alex. We taught him the first lesson and challenged him to be baptized. He accepted. A new investigator and on date.
Well we had church. We were hoping more investigators were going to show up. The only one was Annette and Kennedy. Church was really good. We then went home, had our lunch break, had a little bit of studies. We were talking about Alex and decided to call him to see if he was really interested in what we were teaching or if he just wanted the information. He said he was really interested so we told him we would meet him at the church at 3. Well we went to the church and waited around for a little bit. It was a little after 3 and we called him. Elizabeth answered. "You made it pretty clear you didn't want to meet with him"
"We just wanted to see if he was interested. We still want to meet with him"
"Well he thought you didn't, so goodbye."
That is the end of the crazy story. It ended in a little miscommunication. Too bad. Well while we were there we remembered about Sister Gillespie. We called Bro Skinner to see if he would go with us to give her the Sacrament. We went then he dropped us off at our apartment. We were picked up by Bro Branco for supper at there house. They are great. They are going on a trip this week so I won't be able to see them before transfers. It was a great time with them. We then went down to meet with Joe and Sheena. We finally met with Sheena. She already knows the church is true and wants to be baptized. May 10 is when.
It was overall a crazy week, but ended really well. 2 new investigators and 4 investigators on date. Londonderry is doing great. I'm going to miss this place. One week left. :(

Elder Colin O'Neill

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