Monday, March 10, 2014

Londenderry Chapter 20

Well this week has been a week of many miracles. We have really seen the hand of the Lord in everything that we do.
Well Monday was pretty great. After we emailed. We went with Kingsway elders and went to Costco. One of them had a card. We went to Costco and stocked up for the month. We then went and played B-Ball. We then went to Tanners for supper. It was really fun. They also had us stay for FHE. It was really good.
LRT, prep then Food Bank. We were around the corner from dropping CV1 off and our car freaked. There were a lot of messages going off. Service traction, engine power reduced. It was wierd. We crept along as fast as we could go to Kal Tire to get it fixed. They said it would be about an hour so we just walked around to the other stores near-by. We were going to go to Burger King when they called and said it was done. It was slick and the tires were spinning earlier. one of the tires was spinning more than the other so it tripped the computer and slowed down the engine. Well we went home and finally had lunch and then studies. We then went to Higgins. We had supper and then watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie. We also got haircuts. :)
LRT prep. Then we met with our new investigator Wario. Yes his name is Wario. :) He is a guy we met on the LRT. He is awesome and really wants to learn more. We then went home and did studies. After Lunch we went to try Pricilla with the Sisters, but she didn't answer. We then went to the Lindbergs. I'm going to say it again, they are an interesting family. They need the Lord's help. We then went and tracted before supper with the older Palmers. We then had a fun night with the youth. They had an Iron Chef/Master Chef competition and we were the judges. It sounded fun at first but when we got there, we realized we got the short end of the stick. There were three courses. Salad, Kraft Dinner (Mac and cheese), and then Kiisseli (a finnish dessert). It was interesting. They at first had a relay picking up special ingredients to include in their dishes. Well we waited around for a little while and then the food came. Oh man that was interesting. The salads were interesting. I'm pretty sure one team didn't have dressing. Then the KD was by far creative. One team tried to appeal to Elder H by turning the KD blue. Well the color wheel worked against them on that one. Blue+Yellow=...Green. So we had Green KD. It was fine, it just didn't look good. The other was the better one, it had sausage mixed in. Then there were two different types of Kiisseli. Strawberry and blueberry. It is a fruit and gelatin dessert. pretty interesting, but good. It was a fun night. We also finally got pics with Cody.
LRT prep, District Meeting. DM was fun. We had a really good time. We created our own Title of Liberty for our District. We put "In Memory Of..." at the top and then wrote some things we were grateful for and then signed our names. We then had district Lunch. Sis M made Idaho Baked Potato Soup. It was super good. We brought a Boston Cream Cake, with strawberries. It was also her birthday. We then met with A+J. They are doing so well. We then did studies. Sister G wanted to surprise Sis M with flowers so she gave us some money to get some flowers and we were going to surprise them at one of the gas stations they go to a lot. It was a great surprise for Sis M. We then went to visit Bro Duckworth. It was a longer visit, but it was good. We then met Cody at the church and he took us out for sushi. :) We were all super excited all day. It was really great too.
LRT prep PS, CS then lunch. We met CV1 at the Burger King right next to our apartment then went and did We then walked back to pick up the car and we dropped them off. We then went back and did Weekly Planning. We had a long weekly planning and comp I. Part of it was there was about an hour where our phone was going crazy with phone calls and texts. We got a hold of a few potentials that we are meeting with this next week and also received a few more potentials. It was miraculous.
Well today was a long gong show. We got up and did some studies. We then met with Wario with Bro Ewing. It was a short but powerful lesson. It was awesome. 20 minutes and that was it. We then went back and did some more studies then went to the Bread Truck. We came back and had lunch then went to a baptism for the ward. They asked us to give a presentation while they were changing clothes. We then went to meet with Wayne, but he wasn't home. We then stopped by some LA and tracted around. We had a lesson with Lucia. Part of the phone craziness was Lucia wasn't willing to meet with the other elders. So we had a passover lesson with CD1 telling her that we can't teach her and they have stewardship over her now. It was super good. We then drove to pick up supper from Pitzel's and they weren't home. We were almost home and bro Pitzel called. We turned around and picked up supper and then went back home. We had dinner and then went to bed. there was little time in between, but basically that was it.
Well we had a ton of people at church. We had Annette and Wario. Sisters had 1 investigator family, French had a family and Tagolog had a person. A lot of non-members and 1 LA. It was good. We also helped teach Priests. They are coming out teaching with us on Wednesday so we helped them prepare the lesson. We had studies and then went to Calkins for supper. We met with Cody and tried to help find a place for a few weeks before he can move in to his new apartment.
It was a crazy week, but we got a lot done. We saw so many miracles.
Love you all,

Elder Colin O'Neill

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