Monday, March 17, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 21

I was just looking at it and 21 weeks is a long time. I know this area so well. It's crazy.
Well my week was a bit of a gong show.
We had P-day. It was crazy we emailed for like 2 hours straight and I'm pretty sure neither of us were all the way done. We then went and did some shopping. Went to our apartment for a quick lunch. Then went to play some basketball. We went to Habing's for supper. We then went to stop by a few people and then went home to make phone calls.
LRT, prep, Food Bank, Lunch, studies. Food Bank was pretty fun. We have been starting to do the individual hampers. There will be a label with how many adults children or infants. Depending on the number of people depends on how many boxes of food to fill. It really feels more personally doing that. We then had a lesson with Jen and the sisters. She is so golden. Unfortunately the sisters haven't been able to meet with her since. We then went to Higgins for supper. We then had a lesson with Annette and Geordy and Cody came with and Marie was there. It was a really good lesson.

LRT with the ZL's. We did splits with the ZL's to ride the LRT and contact. I was with Elder Sorensen. He was big help that day for me. We had a lot of success that day. We then were going to have a lesson with Wario and he was asleep. we went back and did studies. We then went to help Dave. That was the most work that we have done in the 2 months we have been helping him. We really took a step forward. I was exhausted, but it felt good. We then had supper with Dorey's. We then walked to the church. We were supposed to go on split's with the priests, but only one of them could come. We went and he taught a lesson at the Moen's. It was really good.
LRT, prep. District Meeting, District Lunch and then EXCHANGES. District Meeting was really good and district Lunch was fun. It was weird to go on exchanges with Elder Coomer because I still had to drive. It was fun. We went through a lost sheep list with the other CD elders and then stopped by a few of them. We picked up the others a little while later and went to the Italian Bakery for supper. We then stopped by a few more people and ended the night. We ended up having a late night just talking.
We woke up and did the normal. It was good to not have to hurry and get out the door. I tried making pancakes and I failed. We then went for our interview at the Stake Center. We then went to McDonalds for lunch. E Coomer had coupons. It wasn't too bad. We were really just taking our time. We went to exchange back, but they were waiting for Wario, so we just waited until the lesson was done. We then exchanged back and had Weekly Planning. We had supper at Thiessens and then really didn't do much else that night.
I was exhausted by the end of the day. We helped a member move into our ward from Barrhead. It was a lot of boxes. It was the most organized move in the world though. They had every box labelled of what room it went. We then went home and had lunch. We then went on splits with Bro Thiessen and Bro Ewing. It was awesome. Bro Ewing and I went to visit Wayne, but he wasn't home. So we tried by some potentials. one wasn't home. We then went to try Cameron. Well he was actually home. It was also a really interesting visit. I didn't know anything about him before. He was just a potential. Found out that he was raised in the church, served a mission and then got in a debate with his brother and isn't sure if there is a god or not. It was crazy at how far and fast he had lost the truth. We then had a lesson with Don. We were able to answer some of his questions. He isn't going anywhere. He said we could come back in a month. We traveled home and spanish picked us up to go to supper with Andersons at fatburger. It was really good. It's like JCW's. We then went EQ games night. Dave was supposed to come but didn't. Oh well.
We had church. It went really well. Did I tell you I had to teach EQ. It was a rough lesson. Luckily I only had 30 minutes. I know why we have companions on missions to help us teach. It was rough. After church we went to Goetz's house for a youth panel. They had written down some questions for the missionaries and we went to answer them. We had a really fun time. We then went home for studies. We went to McLean's for supper. We then went to Son's. We dropped him. He is taking an after school program to learn English and his whole family is Buddhist. Wasn't going to go anywhere. It was a really good day.
Well that was my week. Pretty crazy. The work is exploding in Londonderry.

Love you,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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