Monday, March 24, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 22

Hey there. I can't believe how quickly this past week went by. This week was a bit of a gong show. A lot happened and as a result I'm exhausted. We were working dang hard.
Well we had P-day. I'm tired of the drama involved with other missionaries. It would be so much easier if we didn't have to share a car. Anyways after p-day was over, we had to go help Sis Huff move some boxes. We had supper at Van Orman's. Bro Van Orman wasn't home when we got there so we had to wait in the car for a little bit. It was a nice break. We had a good time there. We then went over to Tanners for the night. Did a little bit of FHE with them.

Well we had Zone Conference. It was actually both Ed North zones. It was really good and we got really good insights and inspiration from it. It was long, but I always enjoy just learning. To have a little fun we played what we call fish bowl. It's kind of like Jeopardy. It was pretty fun. Pretty early on we picked the topic in Hymns/White Handbook. There were two people from each team. Elder H and I went from our team. We had to sing Behold a Royal Army switching words back and forth. We had a definitely better flow and tone, so we won that round it was awesome. We also had a training from our Zone Leaders about being prepared. We started off with an egg drop contest. They didn't tell us before hand. They had sent out a text saying be prepared, that was it. Well we were split off in districts to prep the egg. Well Sis M was awesome. She put the egg in her coat pocket and then wrapped the coat around it. Well at the end of it all of our districts saved the egg. Even the district who just put tissue packs lightly around it. It kinda ruined the lesson, because they were expecting our eggs to break. Pretty awesome. After zone conference we went home for supper. We were supposed to go to Dorey's but they never answered. We had just started eating when they called and asked if we were coming for supper. We just cancelled. We then went with Cody to Annette and Geordy's. We had a really good lesson. Annette is starting to gain a testimony It's great!
Well Wednesday was a gong show. LRT then we went to meet with Carl, someone Elder H knew from his last area. We then came home to study. We then went to the mission home for interviews. Well we knew interviews were going to go long. Our interviews were supposed to start at 3:40, so we got there at 3:30. We didn't have interviews until around 5. We also gave CD1 a ride so we had to wait until they were all done. We finally left the mission home around 7. We planned on not doing much that night. We went to Five Guys for supper. It is really good. Their cajun style fries are the best. We then travelled to drop off CD1 and went home.
LRT, prep, studies Lunch, then helping Dave. We have decided we can't keep going over there. The sisters told us we need to find a member that could help him. Now we just have to find someone that is willing to help him. :P We then went home to change and to have supper. We then tried some LA's. We then stopped by and talked to Bro Skinner. It was great to just talk with someone.
This is the day I started to get tired. LRT, prep. Then we went to help a new family, White's, that are moving into the ward, paint their house. We were over there for a long time. They were nice enough to give us lunch. We then went home and quickly changed so we could go to a lesson with Savannah. It was a first lesson with her and also a pass-over lesson to the sisters. It was at Forsyth's. One of the Forsyth kids and one of the Bonnell girls are friends with her, so they were both there as well. It was pretty awesome. We then went home for studies and supper. We then had a lesson with Annette and Geordy with Bro Bonnell. It was good. We talked about what they still need to do before they came be baptized. They still have until June, but there is still a lot they need to do before then.
I'm really tired from Saturday. We helped two different families move. We went to CD to help Dean and Ashley load their truck. They are moving into our ward. Ashley is LA and Dean is investigating. We were helping them load the moving truck with all of their things. We then went down to help White's move into their house. I'm so tired and sore from those moves. We were supposed to have a lesson with Wayne, but he fell through again. We went back to have a bit of weekly planning. We went to Angell's for supper. They are so funny. We then went back and continued our weekly planning.
Well as of Saturday night we didn't have much going on. After church, we had a full day. We had Ward council in the morning. It went well. We then had Church. It was amazing Marie came by herself to church. Annette AND Geordy came. It was the first time Geordy had come. It was amazing. Church went well. We then went home for lunch. We then went down to the hospital. There was a member from Tofield that fell and broke her hip. We were meeting her HT/Branch Pres there to give her a blessing. We then went and had a lesson with Joe. We talked to him at chruch about coming at 3 to meet with him and Sheena, but when we got there. Their dad didn't know where Joe was and Sheena was gone. AHH! One day Sheena will be taught. We then went up to Pilisko's house for supper. It was miracle. That was the first and last time in 6 months that I've been there for supper. We then went to the Army base to Lee's. We had a family home evening with them. It was fun. We ran home for a bit and then went to Palmer's to do some coordination/ pday eve.
Last week was crazy, but I got through it. I've decided I will be able to finally rest in about 14 months. :)

Elder Colin O'Neill

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