Monday, March 3, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 19

Well this week was crazy. A lot of ups and downs. We had to drop most of our investigators. So this next week is going to be a lot of finding. More than normal. We are actully excited about this week though.
We had P-day. It was good. We tried to get everything that we needed to do before sports. So I told you how it was transfers. Well I didn't know yet, but Elder Phillips was transferred to Spanish. Elder Marsh is also in a YSA ward now. A lot happened except for us. Well we had supper at Calkins. we then went to a lesson with Annette and Jordi. They are so awesome. They just have a few things to work through and they will be baptized.

We did our new usual. Pros, breakfast. Then Food Bank. We might need to find a new day to go. Tuesday isn't working out very well anymore. We then came back to our apartment and had lunch and studies. We had then travelled to Calverts. We had supper there and then had a quick lesson with Davin. He needs some help. We then got a ride with Cody and went to a lesson with Lucia. It was so amazing. Cody has been a member two weeks and that lesson was by far the best lesson I've had in my whole mission. Cody was answering things just right and bearing his simple but strong testimony. Lucia was telling us, "I feel something so strong every time you come over." Cody " That is the Holy Ghost." It was so amazing. Lucia is so ready for baptism, but is now in CD. Still most amazing experience ever.
LRT, breakfast, studies, lunch. We went to Bro Duckworth's. We then went to Jacob. He wasn't there. We rode the bus to Lingbergs, but they weren't home either. We went home and made calls before going to supper at Ewings. It was a lot of fun. We then went to contact some referrals. Pretty boring day.

LRT, breakfast and then District Meeting. Well it was MLC so we had a combined district meeting again. It was pretty fun. We then had lunch at the church and then went home for studies. We decided to do some weekly planning since we were going to be busy Friday. We then caught a ride with Tagalog to supper at Habing's. They moved into our ward about a month ago from CD. They are a cool older couple. We then tried the referrals and went home. Pricilla actually answered and we are going back on Wednesday.
LRT breakfast, studies, Lunch. We then walked to Rick's. it was really cold, but there wasn't a bus coming soon enough. We had a good lesson, we are probably dropping him soon. We are going to come back in two weeks maybe. We then got picked up by Kingsway to have a lesson with Suzie. She didnt' show up. We then went to a lesson with Jacob. He wasn't there. We aren't going back to him. He is always drunk. So we dropped him. We went back home for a little then caught the bus to Stebners for supper. It was really good and they sent us home with left-overs. Bro Stebner gave us a ride to John. He said he had good news, which was bad for us. He found his answer of the Sabbath day on Saturday and is sticking with it. We mutually dropped each other.
Well we went to the Bread Truck and then went to help Dave. We came back and had studies. It was too cold to go outside without a car or appointments so we just took a day in. Really kinda boring.
Church today was so amazing. It was fast and testimony meeting and it was one of the most spiritual testimony meetings that I've been in. It was really multilingual. Sis Palmers mother went up and bore her testimony in Portuguese since she is still learning English. Translated by Sis Palmer. It was amazing. The Spanish missionaries went up and Elder H. It was really amazing. Gospel Principles was a perfect lesson on fasting. EQ we spent the whole time talking about the first few paragraphs of a talk. Church was so incredible. Too bad none of our investigators or LA's were there. :( We had supper at Johnstons. It was really good. Then we went to the Stake Mission prep to help out. It was fun. Way too many missionaries were there though.
Well my week last week wasn't the best, but this week is going to be so much better.
Elder Colin O'Neill

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