Monday, February 24, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 18

Well so I told you how today was transfers and nothing really is changing. I'm staying here another transfer with Elder Hentunen. What's crazy though is that we are getting a new ZL. It's Elder Sorensen. :) I'm so ecstatic!
Well here is a run through of my week.
Well we had P-day. We had supper at Van Orman's. Some how we got on the topic of flowers and she was talking about how she has 7 rose bushes in the front yard. I was telling her how we used to have rose bushes in the front yard but we couldn't handle the weeds so we pulled everything out, planted bushes and covered it with lava rock. She wasn't happy that we pulled out the rose bushes. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. So I got a new nickname of rose murderer from her. :) We were supposed to have a lesson with a potential Jesse, but he wasn't home. Elder H had a headache so we went in so he could try and get rid of it before our next appointment. We then went to Tanners to pick up laundry and talked for a bit.

Well we went and contacted on the LRT. It is a great place to find people that we normally wouldn't be able to find. Then we went and did service at the Food Bank. We don't know why, but no one was there. It was only us and Sturgeon 2.  We came home and had lunch and studies. We then went and cleaned Bro Duckworth's floors. We then came back, changed and went to Thomas' for supper. We didn't do much else that night.
LRT contacting, breakfast, studies. We then picked up CD1 to help us help Lucia move some things. We went and taught her L3 then put her on date. She is going to be baptized April 12. She is moving to CD1 area that is why we invited them to help us move her. We then went back and changed and went to meet with Jacob. It was a little confusing. He was just coming from his friends apartment up a couple of floors. Well we started to watch the 20 minute restoration film. He ended up talking all the way through it. He also pulled out some wine and started drinking it. He had two small glasses and was gone. I think he got drunk at his friends. It was weird. We also got two media referrals earlier that day so after supper we went to try and contact them. Neither of them answered. We then went and met with Cody it was cool. He wants to start coming with us to teach people so we gave him a PMG. It's going to be awesome.

LRT and breakfast. We then had District Meeting. Elder H made his Finnish Casserole for lunch. We then had studies. We then went to Rick. We were planning on dropping him, but we finally saw a change at the very end. He was talking about all of the struggles that he has been going through with his family and we really felt that we should keep meeting with him. It was actually pretty miraculous. The Spirit can really touch and soften peoples hearts. We then went to Thiessens. They taught us L3 like we were investigators. They were really good. It was exactly like they were missionaries again. We then ran home to have a quick supper so we could help Lucia move her big furniture. The Elder's Quorum really did help out. It was great.
LRT and breakfast. Then we had a lesson with Annette. We were going to teach L3 to Jordi, but he wasn't there. We ended up having a really good talk with Annette, trying to figure out the future and how everything is going to work out, so that she could be baptized. We then went home for lunch and studies. We then had Weekly Planning. We then went to Noberts for supper. We then were going to meet with Cody again that night. Well we had let some other elders borrow our keys to get into the library at the church. Well we hadn't gotten them back, so we couldn't get into the church. We try calling them to get our keys back. We tried calling the sisters, but nothing. We ended up calling Bro Purnell and borrowing his keys, since he lives close to the church. We were way late, but finally got in. Gong show.
We woke up did studies, went to the Bread truck, then went and helped Dave. We are actually making progress in his cluttered garage. We then ran to go to a lesson with Kingsway, but fell through. We then had lunch. We then tried LA and potentials. We went to Hoag's for supper and we were actually out in one hour. We then went to try referrals. We actually contacted one of them, who was a mix up. He wasn't actually interested, but we talked to one of his housemates and he took a BOM. We'll go back in a couple of weeks. We then went to the EQ games night. We had invited a lot of people and went to see if any of them had shown up. No one did. Maybe next month.
Well we had Ward council in the morning. It actually went really well. It was the best WC that I've been in here in Londonderry. We then had Church. It was really good. We got a new ward mission leader, Bro Palmer. Ya confusing right. I told you how there are 3 Palmers. One of the other Palmers is our WML now. We are sad to see the other one go. He was so good. It was like his eternal calling was to be a WML. Now he is a Stake Clerk. We went home and had lunch. We did studies and then went up to the Army Base to meet with a LA family the Lee's. They are the golden LA family. We were talking and Elder H just bluntly throws it out there, "So why don't you come to church"? I was shocked, but it was really good. We did the mousetrap faith lesson with the kids and commited them to come to church for the next 4 weeks. The kids don't really have an interest in church. So we promised they will find an interest. We then had supper with Davies and Sis Christensen from Parkland. It was a ton of fun. We then had lesson with Cody. We found out there really are more things that we can teach him. It was a pretty awesome day.

Well that was my week, and I'll be here for 6 more. :)
Elder Colin O'Neill

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