Sunday, February 2, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 14

Last weeks email, sorry I forgot to post it last week. Hope I remember tomorrow. hehe Enjoy!

This past week has been really great. We had a lot more success than I have seen in a long time. Things are really getting done in this area now.
Well we had Pday. It was different from what it has been in the past. We were riding around with CL1 for most of the day. We went to the Van Orman's for supper. They are a pretty cool family. I didn't know them before. We had a great time over there. After that our lesson with Cody fell through so we stopped by some other members. We stopped by Bonnells and shared a quick message with them. Bro Bonnell is the EQ pres so he gave us a list of LA that he wants us to stop by, check address, check interest. It really gave us something to do this week. We then went to Thomas' and shared a message. We are trying to help get the ward excited about missionary work and getting them to have their own experiences. And we are going to follow up with each family.
So we went and helped out at the Food Bank in the morning. It was interesting, because pretty much all of us that went were new. I knew about going to the Food Bank, but didn't know what to do when we got there. We got everything figured out. We then had lunch at Kingsway mall. We then went back and went and met with Bro. Duckworth, then we went to meet with a potential investigator Maurice. He wasn't home. We ended up parking the car at the LRT and riding it around for a little bit, trying to talk to people until supper. We had supper with Andersons. They are a great older couple. I really enjoyed being over there. They were able to tell us about some people they are working with and they gave us the correct address for a LA that we have tried to stop by before. We then went and started to stop by Bro Bonnell's list of LA. Didn't get in but found out some info on some of them.

We had time in the morning. I'm going to say it again. I love the church videos. They have really great messages behind them and you can really feel the Spirit strongly by watching them. It really helped brighten my day and keep me going. We didn't have anything to do for about 4 hours after lunch. We were going to stop by LA and tract around their house. Elder Hentunen wasn't too excited about it, but we still did it. We took a small break after about 2 hours then kept going. We were able to find out some info on some LA and were able to have some good conversations. We went to Palmers for supper. I had been to their house many times, but not for supper. They are a great family. We then had a lesson with Cody. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. He is so great to teach. He really wants to learn and as we teach him, he isn't afraid to ask questions and we were able to have a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation. He is so ready for baptism. We just have a lot of things to figure out, logistic wise.
We had District meeting and then District Lunch. Our district is really doing good. We have a lot of good ideas. Well after that we were going to have a pass over lesson from the sisters and it was really just one of their investigators they were giving to us. It ended up just being us and Bro Palmer. His name is Rick. It is going to be interesting to teach him. We then went and helped clean his carpets. That takes forever. We then went to Fixsen's for supper. They are great. There is a reason she is RS pres. We then stopped by some LA and then had another lesson with Cody. We went through the Baptismal interview questions to just see really where he is at and what points we could reinforce. It was really good to do. It brought of some much needed info. He is really going to be baptized no problem. I just get so excited everytime we meet with him and when I talk about him.
Well for a change we never actually got to do weekly planning today. We had lesson with Annette that morning. We were going to have a passover lesson with the sisters, but we are going to keep her as our investigator. The lesson was really long and scattered, but she is understanding a lot. We then went and helped Dave. We are helping him with his garage, but it was warming up so we ended up clearing the sidewalks so it wasn't too slippery to do the rest of the work. We then came back and had lunch. Then we went on exchanges with the ZL's. I was with Elder Shreeve. It was pretty fun. We have been serving around each other my whole mission. He was Red Deer Spanish when I was in Innisfail, then when I was transferred up here to Londonderry, he was also transferred to Spanish North. Now he is the ZL in Clareview. We stopped by some LA and tracted. We had supper with Branco's. We then went back to try LA again. We stopped by Betty who we got the address from Sister Anderson. She can talk your ear off. We stopped by some of the usuals and then went home. We were still able to get a lot done.
Well that morning was a gong show. Sister Nelson had passed away so there was going to be a funeral for her. We were invited to come, because there were going to be a lot of non-members and LA. Well we were told that the funeral was at 10:30. We got to the church and no one was there. We were confused. Slowly people starting showing up, but not for the funeral. Found out they were coming to prep the food for the funeral. We helped out a little bit, but really wasn't too productive. We tracted a little bit, then had lunch. We then went and had our interview. It was really good. Elder Shreeve and I were able to talk about a lot of things. and really be able to recommit myself to work hard. We then exchanged back and went back to our apartment for some weekly planning. We had a lesson with a potential that fell through. We got there and were waiting for Bro Thiessen to come, because he got lost. He finally showed up. We walked up to the door and there was a note for us. "I had to go out. Please come back next Sat." Kinda frustrating, but I really like that she is interested and remembered our appointment. We went back finished weekly planning and talked some things out. We then went to Laubman's for supper. We then went to David's for some drumming. It was a ton of fun. We started by just having a jam session, then we had David play a beat and we would sing a hymn. We could really feel the Spirit strong. It was so cool.
Well we had an early morning. We got up at 6:30 and had to be at Ward Council at 7:30. It didn't really go as we had planned. We are really trying to work with the ward and we are having some resistance. We'll just have to keep working with those that are willing to work with us. We then went into the chapel. Well a handful of people were there when suddenly we saw Annette, Marie and Annette's daughter. They were super early. They had to ride the bus so they didn't have much choice, but it was awesome that they were early rather than late. Church was really great. They ward is really willing to have us over for supper. We had to ask some people, but we have a full week this week. We then had coordination. We were able to talk through some things and it really gave me encouragement that this ward is still good. We then went home and had our studies. We then went to Stebners for supper. I had been there a few times, but never for supper. It was fun and interesting. We then went and taught English to Son. We gave him a Restoration pamphlet and had him read through it and underline and words that he didn't know. Well it honestly is most of the book. But we are going to slowly go through it and explain each of the words and help teach him english and gospel principles. We're tricky. We then had another lesson with Cody. We had answers to some of his concerns and then taught him about the organization of the church. It is coming close. We have a lot to discuss with President Manion, the mission president in Calgary, the Calgary missionaries, and Cody about the baptism. It will all work out and be totally worth it.
Well that was our week. There was a lot more to talk about this week. We are getting a lot of work done. I'm excited. I just hope I don't burn myself out.
Love you,
Elder O'Neill

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