Monday, January 20, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 13

Well this week has been pretty crazy honestly. With transfers and everything that is going on, it was a gong show again. I think I live in a continuous gong show sometimes. I'm really learning patience and charity.
Well we had pday. It was pretty nice. We had the car to ourselves. We went and played basketball with Bro Thomas in the morning. One of the games was really great. It was all about if I could make the 3 point shot. Well a few shots later the game was over. It's really cool to see what I'm good at in basketball and really using those skills. Never thought I would have basketball skills, but I do. We then followed Spanish and helped Poulins (housing coordinators) move things from storage into a new apartment for the Forest Heights sister. We then went to their old apartment and helped them move some other things. Finally around 12 we were done. We continued on with the rest of P-day. We went over to Calverts for supper since 3 of them were leaving. We then went to a lesson with Cody to fill him in on what is going on, and kinda fill me in. It was a really good day.
Well most of today was finishing up what we didn't get to on Monday and Elder Phillips packing up. We went to lunch with LD1, Spanish, CL, CD2 at Pizza hut. It was pretty fun. We went to supper with Thomas that night. After that LD1 dropped us off at Higgins and Sis Higgins gave us a haircut and Elder Phillips said goodbye. St. Paul picked us up and we went back to our place.
Well today was transfers. We got up and got ready. CL was going to transfer meeting for leadership training so they came to help haul Elder Phillips' stuff. Then we went to transfer meeting. I met Elder Hentunen. He is a pretty cool. I told you a little bit last week. He is from Finland. He has been on his mission for 3 months. He is ready to get work done. Well we had to wait until the leadership meeting was over to get a ride back with CL1. So that took a while. We had supper with Dorrey's and then went over to Thiessen's. Bro Thiessen was going to come with us  to a lesson, but we never made it there. We went to pull out of the parking lot and got stuck. It has been incredibly warm for January and so most of the snow has been melting. Well we got the car stuck. We finally got it out of the way and got it stuck in another snow bank. We saw some others were stuck so we went down to help them. After some anger and colorful language we got them out and they came to help us. We finally got the car so it could go again. By then we wouldn't be able to make it down to where we were going and back it back for a lesson with Cody so we just went to the Church to wait for Cody. We ran into some of the members while we were there. It was mutual. Well Bro Bonnell was there. He served his mission in Finland so him and Elder Hentunen went off in Finnish. Later we found Bro Forsyth who also went to Finland. Elder Hentunen has made more connections than I have. We had a really great lesson with Cody and the sisters. Then walked home. We are now in a car share with CL1. This isn't going to be as easy as it was with the other Londonderry.

We had district meeting and then District Lunch. I don't know why things are so much different then they were before, but they sure are. We then met with the sisters so I could tell them some different things about the area. We then went back and changed. Then we went to see Bro Guinard. We had a good visit with him. We have realized the couple of things keeping back from coming to church. One his health. He can't walk around very well during winter. Another is Sis Guinard, she is not too keen on everything we don't think. Well we then went to Senuk's for supper. It was crazy. Their kids are little balls of fun. Elder Hentunen really gets along well with kids. Well we were there for a while so we wouldn't be able to make it to Sis Stamp. So we walked home and talked to some people. Tried stopping by Alosious. and then went home.
We had a lesson with Annette in the morning. It went really well we were able to help resolve some of her concerns. She accepted the baptismal invitation. When she knows it's true she will be baptized. It's exciting. We then went back and had weekly planning. We discussed about a lot of things. We are going to get a lot done. We then went to see Bro Duckworth and introduce him to Elder Hentunen. We had supper on our own and then we traveled down to Joe and Sheena. We got there and I'm pretty sure they forgot about it. Joe and his dad had just gotten home from work so we went in and just chatted for a little bit. Next week we are going to start teaching her for sure.
Well we had service with Dave. It's been a while since we've done anything with him, but we are helping him move things around in his garage. It's a weekly service project. He then took us to Tim Hortons for doughnuts and hot chocolate. We then went back and had lunch. We went to the library to create a form for ward council next week. We then went to the Palmer/Calkins baptism. It was really cool. Lila Calkins has down syndrome and so she doesn't need to be baptized, but she still wanted to. It was a really cool experience. We then had supper with Thiessen's. They are super awesome. They are so ready and willing to do missionary work. We challenged them to pray for missionary oppurtunities and they are going to be the first people that we have a date to follow up with them. Following up with members really pushes them to get things done. It will be really good. We then went to David's for some more African drumming. It was similar to what Elder Phillips and I did last week, just learning basic drum patterns. Still super fun. We are going to see if David will play for a mutual some night or see if we can get it approved to have him drum for a musical number and have us sing.
Well we had Church, then coordination. Bro Palmer has some great ideas so after we were done talking with the auxilaries he brought lunch and then we talked about what we want to get done in the ward and talking about ideas for like 2 hours. We then went back home. That was interesting. The sister took off for a lesson with Kenneth. Well we were walking home and Sister Brimacombe was going to go to the lesson with them and stopped to ask if it was us she was going to a lesson with. Nope. So she kept driving, but turned down our street. I knew something was up. We ran down and saw the sisters waiting for Sister Brimacombe at the door. They were going to meet with Ken Chen, our LA neighbor. Not a good sign. We ended up going to the lesson with them and we are going to start teaching him. His story is crazy. Oh the fun of crazy. We then went to our apartment and had supper and studies. We then went and contacted a referral from ZL's and are going back Tuesday. We then found out how crappy public transit is on weekends. We waited around for a while to catch the bus. Which didn't go where I thought it did. So we ended up bus hoping until we were close to where we needed to be. While we were waiting on a bus to leave, we did run into Alosious. Told him where Elder Phillips went and talked to him for a little bit. We were supposed to teach Son english, but we were like 50 min late. We stopped by to say that we will be back next week. We then went to Palmer's. In hindsight we could have probably taught english instead. I wasn't thinking. Oh well.
We had a pretty good week overall. Everything went well. Considering. It's different when half of the zone is brand new to the area. I'm just going to be stronger.
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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