Monday, January 6, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 11

Hey there everyone. This past week has been super fun and super crazy.
Well today was kinda a boring p-day. A lot of the zone was doing different things so we really didn't get together. We ended up hanging out with the ZL's and Spanish at Londonderry chapel. It was pretty boring. We went with Spanish to Nobert's for supper. They are so great and fun to visit. On the way out the front right tire was stuck in a hole. Well you had Simms, Phillips, Shreeve and me. It wasn't too cold outside, so we got it out in no time. It was pretty awesome. That was about all that happened.
Well we went to the Food bank and did service in the morning. It was a little weird. We got a ride with the ZL's but they set up an appointment at 12. We didn't get there until like 10:30. So we got a ride with CD1. We went to Kingsway mall for lunch. After they dropped us off we went to see if we could get in with Sister Allen's mom. Sis Allen said she wanted us to go visit her mom. Well so far we just have awkward conversations through the window. Still haven't gotten in. We headed back home and ran into Alosious who we were going to go meet up with to play basketball at the church. It was a small miracle. He had to get new glasses so couldn't make it. We met up with the other guys and went to supper at Sister Forsyth's. It was a little awkward. It was a supper with her, her roommate, her old roommate and her old roommate's husband. Pretty strange. It was like having a YSA dinner, but we are serving in a family ward. Strange for us. Oh well. We then headed back home. We were supposed to be in by 6. So we played chess, uno and nerts until we were bored. I went to bed the usual time. I didn't stay up this year. Whatever.
I don't remember what we did that morning, but at noon we met the other elders and played basketball at the church with Alosious. We went and picked him up and walked to the church with him. It was really great. We played some Basketball and then took him on a tour of the church. He is really anxious to learn, but won't come to church. We went to the Calverts at 3 for fondue. It was pretty good, but really long and slow. Too many people to do fondue. There was probably 12 of us all having fondue. Gong Show. After that we went over to Bro. Duckworth's. Crazy day.
We had district meeting. We then went to Red Robin for district lunch. It was really good. I like being in the city for that reason. We get to go to cool places for district lunch. We then had time. We then went to try and stop by Bro Guinard, but he wasn't home. We ended up talking with his neighbor. He is a really cool guy. We then stopped by some other people. We had supper on our own, because supper was supposed to be a 6 but we had another appointment then so we couldn't go. We went to David's. He is the LA that is into african drumming and thai chi. Pretty interesting dude. We might go back sometime next week and play some drums with him. It will be super fun. We then went to Sis Hernandez. We were finally able to meet with her since our many attempts since before Christmas have fallen through. It was good. She got us a 4-in1 extendable backscratcher/pen/magnetic pick up tool/ ball rolling massager. It is pretty cool. We've unscrewed the backscratcher and put on the magnetic part as a pen lid and use it as a cool extendable pen. She is so nice.
Well we had some time today, so we had to clean up. We got a letter saying that the managers were going to come inspect the apartment again so we had to clean up what they had asked and just cleaned up period. It was good. We then had lunch and then did weekly planning. Bro Bonnell came by around 5 and helped us take our couch to Bro Duckworth. We finally got rid of it! It really opened up our apartment. Now we just have to get rid of our coffee table and we'll be good. We had supper at Branco's with everyone. All 6 of us. ZL's, Spanish and us. Cramped but fun. We then had a lesson with Joe. We were hoping to start teaching his sister, but she was kinda in and out. We taught Joe about PMG and next week we are going to go back and Joe is going to help us teach her lesson 1. It will be great for both of them.
Well we did some stop-bys in the morning. We then had lunch. Went and stopped by Bro Guinard, not home again. We were going to play basketball at the stake center with some LA and investigator in Castledowns, but we had a lesson with Alosious instead. We then went and had supper with Laubman's at 3. Sis Laubman's mother isn't doing well so see had us over early so she could go back to the hospital. We then stopped by a few people and then went to Spanish's baptism of Marisela. Part member family in our ward. They have been teaching her for a while and she was finally baptized. It was really cool to go to. We were asked to come so Elder Phillips could play piano and I could lead the music. We probably would have gone anyways. We didn't really do much the rest of the night.
Well we were moved to the 9 o'clock church time. It is different, we usually have studies before church, but now it's going to be in the afternoon. Well we had a interesting experience going to church. Pretty much I hit a pretty big snow pile going to church and popped the tire. So after church we had to put the spare on it. Then we had coordination. Bro Palmer wanted to talk to us after coordination. We were there until 3. We then went to stop-by some one that Barrhead called us about. They told us about a LA that was taken to the hospital the night before for premature labor. She had her baby 6 weeks early. We went to stop by and couldn't find her. We had supper with Hoag's and then went back to the Hospital. She was in under her maiden name. She and the baby are doing well. We then went and picked up the others and went to Palmers for P-day eve. They are super great.
Well that was our week. Gong show at most times. This week might not be much better. Just craziness all around. Hopefully things will settle down when transfers come next week.
Love you all,
Elder O'Neill

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