Monday, January 20, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 12

 Sorry Folks I missed posting this last week. It was a crazy week, with not much pc time. So you get two this week. ENJOY! Sheila
Hey there,
So this past week has really been quite interesting. It has been a lot of prep for transfers. We already knew that a lot was going to happen in our zone, but I'll tell you more later.
It was p-day, it was pretty good. Did the usual things. We went to supper at Tanner's. It was Ukrainian Christmas I think. So Sis Tanner made a bunch of Ukrainian food. Perogies, sauerkraut soup, and lazy cabbage rolls. It was all pretty good. Reminded me of the little bit of what I remember from Ukraine. Lots of cabbage. We didn't do much else that night.
Well we had Interviews with President. We drove out to the mission home and got to talk with President. It was really cool just to be able to sit down and talk with him. He did tell Canfield, Bowles, and Philips a little what could be expected from transfers. Didn't really tell me much, but it sounded like I was going to the only one left. We then went to lunch at 5 Guys. We then went back and dropped the others off and went to our apartment to wait until exchanges. I went on exchanges with Elder Shettell. It was definitely interesting. We had supper at Fixsen's. Well as we were heading to supper we realized we had both areas phones. So we had an adventure trying to get it back to them. Luckily they were having supper with CD2, so we could call them and find things out. We gave them the phone back and then went and picked up Canfield and Bowles to give them a ride. We were heading to Bro Duckworth's when they called and asked if they could have the car for the night. Crazy confusion. We ended up bussing to Bro Duckworth's and teaching a short lesson so we could catch the next bus. A bit of a gong show.
Well we met with Annette and Marie that morning. Marie isn't doing really well. She apparently has so many kidney stones that it looks like a mass in her kidney's. The doctors call it a gravel pit. So the lesson was interesting. We read through Alma 32 and talked about faith. Bro Massey was there too. Bro Massey asked Marie if she would like a blessing. She denied and Bro Massey pushed a little hard. That's what really made it interesting. Craziness. Well we went back and had lunch then tried by some people. Well we were going to exchange back at 3:00, but some of the other elders went to the food bank for service that morning and went to a stake house for all-you-can-eat ribs. Pretty much they all ate until they were sick. We finally caught up with them and everyone was dead. Elder Shettell hadn't been felling well so really I was the only one that was good to go. Well after that we had supper. The others were too excited. We had supper with Shaw's. It was really good. Canfield and Bowles ate a little bit. Elder Phillips didn't really eat anything. Kinda a weird supper. We didn't really have much, so we turned in early since Elder Phillips didn't feel that good.
Well we started with, had lunch and then went to ZTM. We weren't too excited, because it was going to be the other ZL's and the leadership went to their heads. The Sister's training was the most inspirational. After that we got a chance to talk with everyone. PS people really like the Peanut butter cookies. We then went and stopped by Alosious. He said that Thursday was going to be a good day for him. When we got their though he was busy. We went to Poon's for supper. It was really good. They are a great couple. Just a few stop-bys after that.

We had Weekly Planning as usual. We then went and watch Alosious play basketball. His school was playing in a tournament and he asked us if we could come. It really meant a lot to him that we showed up. We stopped by some others then went to Thomas' for supper. They are great. After that we went to David's for some African drumming. It was A LOT of fun. It's funny to go over and visit with them. David is a LA who knows pretty much exactly why we go over, meanwhile his wife doesn't really know. One day soon we will get him back to church and her taking the lessons.
Well we literally did nothing today. We walked around and tried stopping by as many people as we could down south. We ended up walking around China town for a bit and then walking back to the LRT and riding it back and forth for a little ways until supper. We didn't have anything to do. We had supper with Skinners. They are such a great couple. So missionary minded. We then stopped by this family that the YSA sisters tracted into. They are this Vietnamese family that their son, Son, wants to learn English. So we went by to teach him English. Well the rest of family didn't know about it and they were having supper. Well we are going back Sunday.
Well we went and had church. It was really good. I really enjoyed seeing some of the people that have been gone for the Holiday's back in the ward again. Well after church we had our usual coordination. That was interesting. The other Elder are leaving and we are getting sisters. Elder Phillips is also likely to be leaving. So pretty much it was whatever needed to be done in the ward is up to me. I had a lot of notes. We then went back to our apartment and had lunch and our studies. We had supper on our own and then did stop-bys. We met the sisters at Son's. It was really interesting teaching English to someone. It's going to be quite an experience. We then went to Palmer's for our weekly visit. They are pretty great.
Well that was my week this last week. It's slowed down since everyone was anticipating transfers. Well so ya transfer calls were this morning. We pretty much had it right. I'm staying and getting a new companion, Elder Hentunen. All I know about him is that he is from Finland. Pretty unique. Elder Phillips is going to Camrose. It's outlying like he was hoping. The Sisters coming are Sister Galovich and McEwan. Pretty weird that I came out with both of them. It is definitely going to be interesting.
Love you,
Elder O'Neill

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