Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 16

So relieved that this finally came. It is hard on a MOM and DAD to have to wait one whole day to hear from your son. Love this missionary! Enjoy the news! Sheila
This past week has been truly pretty incredible. So much happened, and so many things are going so well.

We had p-day. We had supper with Dorey's that night. We also went to Van Orman's to follow up with their missionary work. They actually have some work and things to actually discuss. It was really cool to hear. They told us to do a tracting approach with one of their friends. Kinda a typical Monday.
We went to the Food Bank in the morning. We had lunch at K. mall. We then went and helped Bro Duckworth clean more of his carpets. We will finish sometime. We were cut short again. We then went to stop by some LA's. we had dinner on our own. We then went to stop by Alec, someone we tracted into last week and he wasn't home (typical). We then had a lesson with Noberts instead. We tracted Van Orman's friend and they weren't interested, but we found a Phillopino woman to give to the Tagolag missionaries. We then had a lesson with Cody. We were really figuring everything for his baptism. He is getting baptized this coming weekend in Calgary. It is exciting. MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! We had a lot to figure out.
It was kinda crazy day. We went and did service with Dave in the morning, then we came back and changed. We had lunch with Kingway and some people that Elder Hentunen knew in his last area. Kinda boring for me. We then went and met with President about Cody's baptism. We were able to figure a lot of it out. We had to call the missionaries, bishop, and mission president all down in Calgary. Holy cow. We WILL figure all of this out. We then had a supper at Tony Roma's with another lady from Elder Hentunen's last area. She actually talked to all of us and I enjoyed it more. She is also really good friends with one of the members here in Londonderry. We then had a lesson with John. He is an old Italian man. He has so many questions that we are able to answer if he is willing to listen. We then had another lesson with Cody where we filled him in on everything that is going on and what has to happen.
Well we got up and did mormon.org time. We then had a quick lunch and went to pick up the CL1 elders for ZTM. ZTM was pretty good. The trainings were really helpful, but all of the announcements were a bit much. The way the ZL's were presenting everything just made a lot of us upset. It wasn't the best ZTM that I've been to. We then went and met with Lindbergs. We watched the Restoration DVD with them. They are going to be a tough family to teach. We then went and tracted around Jackson's before supper. We had supper with Jackson's. I didn't know them very well so supper was interesting. We then went to Thomas' to follow up on their missionary work. The kids are doing really well on sharing the gospel with their friends at church. That was pretty much our night.
Friday was really good. We went and had a lesson with Annette and Jordi in the morning. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. Annette is really catching onto things. We challenged them to be sealed in the temple one day and they accepted. We also told them flat out that they have to be married before they can be baptized. Hopefully things will go well as Annette really gets serious about the church. We then went to have a lesson with Lucia, but she was called into work. We then went home and had lunch and then did Weekly Planning. We had supper with the Johnston's. I haven't been over in a while. We then went to John to try and help him understand why we worship on Sunday and not Saturday. The answer was clear, but he was just too stubborn to accept it. It's going to be harder to teach him than we thought. We then went to the church and watched the Testaments with Cody. Really gave him a better glimpse at the Book of Mormon. He is so ready. Baptismal Interview is Sunday night.
Today was a long day of service. We went to help Sis Bennett move apartments. Then we helped CL1 with some things after lunch. We then went and helped Dave for a bit. We then came back and had a lesson with Kingsway and Ken. It was interesting. We then went to Tanners for supper. They are great. We are going to start doing laundry at their house again. The sisters are moving into the other apartment so we won't be able to do laundry there anymore.
Well we had church. Annette and Marie came. They also stayed for all three hours. It was incredible. After church was a bit crazy. We were trying to find so many people in such a short time. We then had Coordination. Bro Palmer is an amazing ward mission leader. We then went back and had lunch and studies. I had bought a plantain last monday to make chips. It was getting pretty yellow so I decided I needed to make them. It takes a lot of practice. Some of the chips soaked in the oil instead of fried. Weren't the best, but they were pretty good. We then went to the Greep's for supper. I hadn't ever been over there. Their family is really cool. We then went and taught Son some more English. That is a Gong Show. We got him some Vietnamese material to help translate. Don't know how effective it is going to be. We then went to the Church and Cody had his Baptismal Interview. He is just steps away. Can't wait for this weekend.
Well I don't know if I told you about the experiment that us and the sisters are doing, but we are doing early morning proselyting. We leave at 7 and ride the bus and LRT trying to talk with people. Well Monday wasn't very good. I was having a bad day and was having a hard time talking to people. Hopefully later on will be better. We then came back and had breakfast and then studies then lunch. We had a lesson with Lucia. She has a tough situation, but she is really accepting of the gospel and already believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We then went and stopped by some people. We had supper with Higgins. We haven't been able to see them in a while. It was a good time there. We then went with Cody to the Stake Center to show him the baptismal font. The Calgary missionaries figured out everything for the baptism and everything is set. It's going to be really good. His family, who aren't members, are very supportive as well. It will be really good. We we could go. :P
Well if you were wondering why it is Tuesday and you are now just getting an email it is because we went to the...TEMPLE!! :) It was so amazing. So no one ever told me that there are multiple temple films. It was a shock to see a new one. It was so incredible to go though. It was really helpful. I love the temple so much. We then went to Lunch at Chili's with the Spruce Grove missionaries. Elder Hentunen used to be in a district with them. We all went to Lunch and to Generations (LDS bookstore). I really got to know them pretty well and they are really great missionaries. We then came to email and now your caught up.
Like I said this past week was really good. Everything is going great in Londonderry.
I Love you,

Elder Colin O'Neill

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