Monday, February 3, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 15

 I think he is catching fire! Little sparks every week. Mom
Hey There,
This week we were on fire.
Well we had pday. We have a new rule that we have to be out of the stake center by 4. It is something from the stake president. So we have to adjust our schedule so we still have a decent amount of time to play. Well after playing basketball we went shopping and then went to Stewarts for supper. They are pretty great. Didn't know them before too well. We then had a lesson with Cody. He is progressing so well.
We went and helped out at the Food Bank and then went to lunch at Kingsway. We then exchanged with CD1. We went to see Bro Duckworth. I love going to visit him. He's having a hard time, but doing well to get through it. We then went contacting, until supper. We were going to go to Higgins, but they called and cancelled. So we had supper on our own, then went and helped Sturgeon with their new apartment.
We didn't really get much done that day. The highlights were going to see sis Hernandez and Cody. We had a pass-over lesson with Sis Hernandez and the Sisters. It went really well. Our lesson with Cody went really well too. We were talking about the temple and he was asking us how long after he is baptized can he go do baptisms for the dead. He is so ready, just have to be patient.
Well we had a combined district meeting today. It was a ton of fun. We really didn't know some of the others very well so it was good to get to know them. We then all went to Humpty's for lunch. It was for someone's year mark. We then came back and had a lesson with Rick. It is really going to challenge us to keep him focused and on topic. It will be good. We didn't have anything else. We stopped by some LA's and went tracting. We then rode to Calverts. We got there early so we decided to tract their street. It was amazing. Every house that answered we were able to have a QGC with them. We then had supper at Calverts.
Well one of the houses that we tracted into on Calverts street wanted us to come back. Well we had some conflicting appointments. It could have worked out if we had a car, but we were going by bus and it made things a bit more difficult. The Sisters ended up going to our lesson with Annette and we went to this other family. Well the guy that we talked to, and didn't get his name, wasn't there. It was annoying. We just went back to our apartment and had lunch then weekly planned. We then later stopped by Guinard, who wasn't home. We then went down by where our supper was, Nobert's, and tracted. We had some more QGC's down there and a return appointment for this next week. We then had supper at Nobert's. They are great. So the last time I went over there I had told them about Dad forgetting the salsa. Well that story is pretty catchy apparently.
Well we started by going to the Bread Truck. Then came back and had lunch. We then went to stop by some LA's. We went to stop by Lindbergs, but their address isn't a street, so we called them. We ended up finding their house. We had a good visit with them. They are really lacking some gospel knowledge. Missionaries haven't been there for like 4 years. It's a good thing that we are going to start going there. We then got a ride from Bro Palmer to a lesson with Threesa. She wasn't home this week again. One day. We then went to try the house by Calverts again, but they weren't home. We then went tracting around Bonnell's. We ended up finding a few strong potentials and a new investigator. We knocked on her door. All she heard us say was "Jesus Christ" and she let us in. She is amazing. We are going to start teaching her and hopefully her kids. We then had supper with Bonnell's. They are so missionary minded. They gave us some more LA's that our ward just got their records. We then tried to have a lesson with Ken, but he wasn't home. We stopped by some people, but nothing. Still a really great day.
Well we went to church and had coordination. After coordination we went with Bro Palmer to meet a potential. I had texted a bunch of the names in our phone that we didn't know and this guy was really close with Elder Crow. We set up to meet him at Tim Hortons. He is a Jewish Elder. We had a very interesting conversation with him. His knowledge was great. He is pretty much a member just before Christ came. He believes in all of the same things, but doesn't accept Jesus Christ. We then went to Thomas' for supper. We then went to Thiessen's to follow up with them on their missionary efforts. They are super great.
Well that was my week. We accomplished a lot. A lot of our appointments fell through, but we were being led to others that need the gospel. Our next week is almost already full with appointments.
Love you,
Elder O'Neill

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