Monday, February 17, 2014

Londonderry Chapter 17

Well this week was...(I don't know what to call it). So many things happened good or bad, I don't know.
oh ya I already told you about Monday and most of Tuesday
Well the only thing new is that we had supper with Massey's. They are a great family. They were telling us about all of the missionary experiences that they have had in the past. They are so missionary minded and so willing to help out. It's awesome.
Well we went out and did some early morning proselyting. That is going to take some getting used to, but it is so much more effective than what we have previously been doing. After lunch we went on exchanges. I was in Londonderry once again. I realized I haven't left my area in two transfers. Oh well. We met Massey's at Lucia's, but she wasn't home. We were really hoping to have a good lesson with her. We then went to Rick's. We showed him the D&C video to really try and show him the beginnings of the church. He isn't accepting of much. We might be dropping him. He just isn't ready for the gospel. We then went to Bro Duckworth's. He was doing well. It was a good visit. We then had supper on our own. We then went and had a lesson with Cody. It was a bit of a rough lesson. I didn't know what to share with him. We were mainly waiting for the other elders. It was going to be the last time we saw Cody before his baptism. We then hung around. Some of the sisters needed a blessing, so regardless it was kinda long night, but very powerful.
Well we had district meeting. There was a bit of chaos trying to figure out where to go for lunch. I have finally figured out that there are a lot of conflicting personalities and strong egos around. I'm trying by best to stay collected. We were supposed to have a pass-over lesson with the ZL's but it fell through. We moved it to Saturday. We then went back and since Bro Palmer is going to be coming to check the apartment later this week we took some time to deep clean it. Forsyth's had to cancel supper, but they dropped off a pizza for us. We then went to a lesson with CD1. Their investigator is in the military and they wanted Elder H to come and talk to him how to be a mormon in the military. It was a really good lesson. The 3 of us mostly just listened, while Elder H talked to him.
Thursday we also started a mission-wide fast to help us focus on our purpose more. It was really powerful.
We went early morning contacting and then came back and had breakfast. We went to a lesson with Annette and Jordi. We taught them the first lesson to try and get them on the same teaching plane. It was really cool to see Annette being able to share her testimony, even if she doesn't know she has one. We then came back, had studies and did Weekly Planning. We went to supper at Thiessen's. They were great. They made us a Valentine's dinner. It was Breakfast for dinner, but the Pancakes were pink. There were also Bacon roses. It was really cool. "As if Valentine's day doesn't make missionaries trunky enough". They were awesome. We then went to a lesson with Davin. It had been a while since we have seen Davin. He is really trying to change his life around. He has been going through a hard time for a while and wants a change. He has already seen a difference in the past few weeks when he has come to church. We shared the Faith mousetrap lesson. It was prefect for him.
Well we had studies then went to help Dave. We came back and had to hurry and change to go to the pass-over lesson with the ZL's. It was a very interesting lesson. We walked in and it was really smoky. We then go into another room to have privacy for the lesson. Well we had a lesson on this dudes bed. Whatever works. We then came back and had lunch. We then rode the bus up to Branco's. We had called to see if they would feed us, but were busy, but wanted to give us food that we could take home. It was sweet. We then went back home and had supper. We then went and did more drumming with David. The chili for supper didn't sit well. We had to hurry home afterwards. :)
Well church was really good. We ended up having a lot of people at church. Annette and Marie came. Trevar was there. Davin and Bro Lindberg also came. So 2 investigators and 3 LA's. Not a bad week. It was a little confusing for Annette. It was Ward Conference. The talks and lessons weren't really tailored to investigators or LA's. We then went back and had lunch and studies. We then went to McLean's for supper. We then went and taught Son English. It was a miracle. He was able to understand much more of what we were teaching him. He would read it once in english once in Vietnamese and then explain it back to us in English. There was some definite progress. We then went home and called Cody. He said that everything worked out perfectly. His girlfriend got him his own scripture set with his name on it. I can't wait to see him on Tuesday.
Well that was my week. Transfer calls come next week. I don't think I'm going to be leaving quite yet, but who knows the Londonderry book might be ending. :)
Love you,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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