Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tofield Chapter 2

If anyone needs translations, just let Mom know, she will feel you in.

Well this past week was a little crazy. I feel like we have to live one day at a time for a little while. I guess I wasn't too clear with some details. We are living in V., but we are moving to T. at the end of the month. Right now we have two apartments, so we are juggling around where we are going to be each day. It's a bit crazy, but we'll make it work.

I'm also emailing today, because the Library in T. isn't open on Monday's. I will most likely be emailing on Tuesdays while I'm here. :)

Well we had P-Day. We emailed, shopped and then went to Gillis'. They invited us over to play board games since it was a holiday. We were there for a while. We played a couple of different games. It was a bit tedious because we had to learn a new game each time. Legendary is a fun game. Sean would probably like it. It's a Marvel super hero game. We then drove to V. and went to Chuck and Mary's.

We were going to help out at the Library, but that didn't happen. We ended up going to T. to help move stuff into that apartment. We stopped by some places and stopped by some people. We had supper with Svenson's in R. We then drove back to V. and had a lesson with Roy and Crystal. They are awesome, but are stuck with common-law as well. The best investigators seem to always be stuck on that problem. Ah!

We went and helped out at the Stennes in the morning. We had half of our Mormon.org time and then tried formers and potentials and LA's. We had supper and then went and kept score at bowling for the special Olympics. We then had a lesson at Thompsons'. It started out all right and then just went off. Oh well.

Well we had District meeting in SP. It was a long drive. I got to see Elder Canfield and Elder Eyler again which was pretty cool. After District meeting we went on exchanges and I was in FS. We first went and they play games with an elderly group at the United church. They were also having a lunch honoring the volunteers. It was fun. We then went and hurried to change to go help with a move that when we got there was done. We drove back and went to pick up supper. When we got there she wasn't home so we went back and had our own supper. She then called us and still wanted to give us a pizza. We met her at the church. We just threw it in the freezer for later. We tried by some members, but no one was really home.

Well we had the morning usual. We then met the others at Kelly's for lunch. We exchanged back. We stopped by the Pillings on the way back. Had a small lesson with them. We then went back and Weekly planned. We had a lesson with Shirley. It went really well. She is very accepting. Chuck and Mary then took us to dinner in B. It was really good. Steak dinner buffet. It was  lot of fun.

We went to visit Sis Yost, but we found out she was in the hospital. We went to stop by and she was asleep. We made a card for her and left it. We went and got our tire retorqued which took like 5 min. We had lunch. We finished our Mormon.org time. We then tried LA's and potentials and formers. We had supper with the Bates. They are great. We met their LA nephew who lives in VV. He was nice. We then went to Chuck and Mary's to talk with them.

Well we put as much of our stuff in the car as we could to take it to T. We went to church. We ended up teaching Gospel Principles. It was rough, but ended up going really well.
We visited for a minute and then went home for lunch. We unpacked everything and got the apartment mostly set up. We then tried by the Hindi house. We first met Jaganesh, but since we have gone he hasn't been there. We started teaching Kishar though. We'll see where it goes. They are nice, but not likely to go anywhere. We tried some LA's. and then went to supper at the Kastendieck's. It was a lot of fun. It got interesting after supper. Almost everyone there helps out with the dishes. We roll 3 dice. If you get triples or a run of 3 you have to help with the dishes. There are two people in there help sis Kastendieck and has people roll they switch out. It was pretty fun. After supper we tried by some people and ended the night at Murray's. He is technically a potential, but not going anywhere. We just go over to more or less talk with him. We went so I could meet him. It was alright. Our conversation didn't really do much, until he asked if I could draw. I told him I like to think I can. He makes wooden puzzles and wants new ideas. We went home and started coming up with our own ideas. Some of them I think are going to be pretty cool.

Well we had P-day. We didn't really do much, since there isn't much to do in T. We didn't leave the apartment until noon. We did go to the church and played some games with some of the youth. They didn't have school for Easter Monday. It was really fun. We went to the Woodruff's for supper. We stopped by some people. and that was it.

Well that was my week. I'm loving my time out here. I love outlying towns so much.
Love you,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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