Monday, April 14, 2014

Tofield Chapter 1

Wow this past week has been great. It was a lot of goodbyes in Londonderry, but a lot of hello's in Tofield. I'm already loving it out here!

Let me tell you a little bit about the area. (It might answer some of the questions from Dad's email.) So I'm now serving in the Tofield Branch. Yep it's a branch. It really is a lot like serving in Nucla to me. We cover a lot of towns. We cover Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Bruce, Vegreville, Chipman, and Mundare. They are fairly small towns, but it total they are the area. Tofield and Vegreville are the main towns. Tofield has about 2,000 people and Vegreville has about 6,800 I think. Veg is a lot bigger than Tofield. Anyways, we have to have a car out here. There would be no other way of getting around.

Well let me tell you about my week. 

Well that morning we went to play basketball. We got back and got ready. We went over to CV1's so that Elder H could get a haircut. We were there when we finally got the transfer call. I was almost worried that it wouldn't come. I don't know how I could have survived another transfer. It finally did. We then went to email. we went shopping and then went to sports. We had a great time there and then went back to get ready to go out. We went to Bonnell's for supper and to say goodbye. There are great. We then went to Tanners to pick up our laundry and to say goodbye as well. Cody then picked us up to say goodbye. 

Prep. We then went to say goodbye to Annette and Geordy. I'm going to miss them. I keep praying that they will finally get everything worked out so they can be baptized. Geordy might take some more time, but Annette needs to be baptized. We then went back so I could pack up everything. We had lunch somewhere in between. I have a lot more than I thought I did. We then went to say goodbye to Bro Duckworth. He taught me a lot while I was there. We went to have and then went to Thiessen's for supper. We then went to Thomas' for Elder H's 6 month mark. It is tradition that you burn a tie at 6 months. I never cared to do it, but he did. It was a finally goodbye to the sisters as well. The four of us got work done. We also borrowed the car from them, since CV1 needed the car for transfers too. 

Well we got up for one finally day of basketball. We then went back and packed everything up. We went to the Italian bakery for one last time. We were going to meet CD1 and CV1 there too. They were way late which was crappy. We had already eaten, but they got some sandwiches and we left. We followed CD1 all the way through the city to finally get to RB stake center. There was probably an easier way, but we had a good drive. We then had transfer meeting I was able to say goodbye to some good friends that went home. I can't wait to see them again. We then headed off for some lunch. It was me, my new comp Elder Garver, and the high prairie elders. We ate at 5 guys and then took off to Tofield. Well it was actually Vegreville. We are living in Veg until tomorrow. We went back and got settled a little bit. I didn't unpack much since we are moving. We then went to the Bowling alley. They have a special needs league that we go and keep score on Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun. We then met with the Thompson's. They are a LA fam with a 9 yr old that isn't baptized. We are trying to reactivate the family so that when he is baptized they won't fall away. It's a bit of a struggle. 

Back to the normal morning. Prep, studies. We then had district meeting in Lamont. It's interesting. Our district is us and Fort Sask 1&2. We try to meet about half way since it's pretty far for either of us, so we had district meeting in a members home. They are pretty cool I guess. They just leave the house for us. We then go to a diner that is owned by a member. We then drove to Tofield. We dropped off some BOM to a RM so she could give them out. We then met with Stephanie. She is a new investigator. Don't really know much about her, but she's interested. We then tried by formers and potentials and tracted. I haven't tracted in a while. I still like it better than Bus contacting. We had supper with McDaniel's. They are a nice older couple. We tried by some more potentials and then drove home to Veg. 

Did the usual. Then did some weekly planning. We went to help out at the Food Bank. The Food Bank here is a mix between Innisfail and the City. We do a lot more here than in Innisfail, but not quite so much as the city. Every Friday they have a lunch that we went to. We then went and taught Maggie. She has had some crazy experiences really finding our Heavenly Father for herself. She can also talk. We shared the first couple of principles and then went home for some more Weekly planning. We tried by some potentials and tracted. We went out to the Stennes'. We were going to go out and they invited us for supper. Well everyone was running way behind. We finally ate around 8:30 and then had to leave. Didn't really accomplish much, but we go out there a lot. 

Usual. We then had to take some bikes back to a LA that were borrowed. I guess Poulin's had come for an apartment inspection and said we had to give back the bikes. We took them back and visited for a little bit. We then had lunch and went to Tofield for a wedding. A returning LA was getting married so we went. He is kinda an investigator, but not too serious. We then went tracting for a little while. We came back to Veg for supper and then went to Roy and Crystal. They are awesome. They would get baptized, but He works every Sunday. He is going to try and get every other off, but nothing yet. We then stopped by Thompson's to make sure they are coming to church. 

Well we had branch council at 8:30 so we had an early morning. We then had church. This branch is awesome. I love it here already. I made some pretty cool connections already. The whole Branch presidency was rearranged, so we had some of the stake leaders there. It went well. We had lunch at the church. We actually forget to get anything so we used some of the hotdogs that were in the freezer of the church. We then went to meet with Jaganesh, someone we tracted into the day before, but he wasn't home. We then went to try a LA then came back to finish our lunch hour. We were driving by Jaganesh and there was a car, so we went to try again. Well we were invited in. There are 5 guys from India that came here to work and are living in the house. We met the other 4 other than Jaganesh and talked with them. We are going to try and go by again next week and teach them. They are Hindu so it will be fun. We then went out to Holden for supper with Lu and the Kastendiecks. They are great. It was really fun out there. We then drove back to Veg and tracted a little. We met Brent and Stephan. They work on power lines. Similar to the Indian house there are 4 of them that rent the house and work while they are here. We sat down and talked with them for a little while. They are totally not interested, but liked us since we weren't pushy with religion. Get that a lot. 

Well that was my week. It was a lot more eventful than usual. I love it outlying. People say that the city is so exciting, because there is always something going on, but it is the routine stuff that is going on. It's the same thing day in and day out. Outlying is so much more exciting. 

Love you,
Elder Colin O'Neill

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