Monday, April 27, 2015

Southgate Chapter 7

Well this week seemed to go by alright. Some ups and downs, but that is how life goes. :) Overall pretty good.
We had Pday. It was fun. We got a ride with Mandarin around. We went to a park and met up with a lot of the other missionaries. It was transfers too. Said goodbye to Elder Coomer, who is now home. We got a ride back and had supper on our own. We then had FHE with the Raaflaub's.
I can't remember what we did it the morning. After lunch we travelled down to the church to do Facebook. We then had to go get Elder Wilson some allergy medicine. He was dying. We then tried some formers and walked around for a long time. We had supper with Sis Merrell and her boyfriend. It was little weird. We then tried some other people, then headed in. Elder Wilson still wasn't feeling the best.
We were in the office. We covered while the rest of the office went to Transfer meeting. Elder Merica stopped at the office on his way up to High Prairie. Got to talk to him for a bit. Best news of all. Nahia was baptized!!!!!! I was so excited to hear that. Elder Merica told me that at her baptism she bore her testimony and said "I was Muslim, I was Atheist, I was Christian, and now I feel like I'm home". It was great to hear about that. :D I couldn't stop smiling all day. Well later at the office The Red Deer group that was heading down came in. Elder Phillips and Elder Nielson were there. Elder Phillips is now in a tripan for Spanish down there and they had to come and take our bunk bed for our apartment. Well so Elder Wilson jumped in with them and they all took off. I was still at the office. :( It was wierd. Still great to see them. Elder Phillips came back and we talked for a bit too. Well after they got back we were there for a bit more and then we left. We had supper with the Byam's and then Tagalog texted us some potentials that we tried by. Not interested, but still cool.
We had District Meeting that morning. Our District is now just us, the Zone Leaders and the Assistants. It's pretty weird. We then had lunch. We were going to the Library to do time and Tagalog called on the way and asked if we could go with them to a lesson. They picked us up from the Library and took us to meet with Cindy. They needed us for numbers and she was in our area. It was a good lesson. They dropped us off again at the Library and we did time. We then went to the Raaflaub's for supper. Didn't do much else that night.
We did some weekly planning and then we went into the office. We were there for most of the day. Updating the training manual for the Financial Secretary. So much fun.... We then had supper with the Brower's. It was a fun supper. It was all 4 of us there. We then tried by some other people that night.
We tried by Steve, but he wasn't home. We then stopped by the Raaflaub's. Sis Raaflaub had made cinnamon buns for us. :) We were there for a bit. We then came home and had supper. We then tried by some people.
We had Ward Council and then church. We were asked to help out in Primary for the second hour. It was fun. We were just supposed to help with part of the lesson part. After church, we went to the other elders apartment and had lunch. We then had coordination and then went back home for a sec. We then went and had supper with the Speidel's. He's the bishop. It was fun. Bro McMurray picked us up after and we went home teaching with him to Sis Kaluzna. We then came home and had studies.
That was my week. It was crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Elder Colin O'Neill

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