Monday, May 4, 2015

Southgate Chapter 9

Well this week was interesting. We didn't have much, but we still tried.
We had Pday. Got a ride with Mandarin West. We played some frisbee and soccer with Lakewood and Spanish. It was fun we then had supper at Byam's and they were rushed and we were originally rushed, they just picked up McDonalds. It was still great. :) We then had FHE with the Raaflaub's at the Read's. It was a ton of fun. :)
We went and did Facebook at the church. We were coming out of the church to catch the bus and it drove passed. So we went back inside and had to wait for a bit till the next bus came. We then went up and grabbed clothes for later. We tried some potentials. We then had supper with Arrison's and then changed there so we could go help with a move down the street. It went alright. Nothing was packed as much as we had hoped. Bro Foulston then took us out for Ice Cream. :)
Well we had to go to the office for a bit. We need to pick up a key and then we helped Elder Salter with some things. We then went back and changed and went to Dean's house to help him move. He is the guy we went and helped paint a little while ago. Bro Coombs was there and we moved some boxes from his basement to his garage. We then helped him move some boxes from his storage unit to his garage. Well before our first trip to the storage unit we had to drop off something at Bro Coombs. He went around to the front to get in and told his wife there were two guys probably trying to sell something, don't answer. Well we pull around the corner and she called him. She did answer and it was the Spanish elders. It was super funny. They came with us and I'm so glad they did. It went a lot faster and went a lot better overall. Afterwards Bro Coombs took us out to Montana's. Wednesday is all you can eat ribs. :) I tapped out early. We also found out that the all you can eat ribs is only a rack and a quarter. I had the full rack. Bro Coombs had half and was taking another half home for his wife. The other three got 1 1/2 racks. Since the waitress was awesome and brought them another 1/4 for what we didn't eat. It was a lot of fun.
We had District Meeting and then had lunch. It was just our district, our small district, at the church for lunch. We then did time. We tried some potentials. We then had supper with the Cahoons. We then met with Justin Lee.
We were in the office all day. Minakers were gone so we had to fill in for everyone. It was a boring day. We then went back and had supper. we then went to the Raaflaubs and helped them out with some projects.
We tried by Steve. He wasn't home. We did Facebook at the church, sort of. Internet was in and out. We then traveled up and tried some potentials. Stopped by Josue and he was waiting for a Skype call for his Father's birthday. We then had supper. We didn't do much else that night.
PEC. Elder Low and I helped set up chairs and then stood outside for a while. It felt soo good. We then had church is was pretty good. We then were dropped off by the AP's at southgate and had to take the time to travel to coordination. Had coordination and got a ride from Kendricks back home. We did our studies and had supper. We then tried some more potentials after supper.
It was a pretty boring week. Not much happening. Trying to do the best we can.
Elder Colin O'Neill

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