Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Southgate Chapter 10

Well this week has been fun. It seems like it's been a log time since pday. Well it's been an extra day, since I forgot to mention that our pday's were changed to Tuesday. Some missionaries were taking Sunday night as pday eve. President Manion wants us to make the Sabbath more meaningful and has moved pday so we can focus more on the Sabbath day. :) So for the next few weeks I'll be emailing on Tuesday.
Well on with the rest of the week.
It was the last monday pday. We got a ride after emails with Rutherford to go shopping. They then dropped us off at our apartment. We then walked up to Whyte Ave. It's a shopping street. Tons of little shops all over. It was fun to just walk around. We went to head to supper and waited for the bus for 30 minutes. When it didn't come we just walked. We then had supper with Byams then FHE with the Raaflaubs.
We traveled to the church and did Facebook. We then just tried people and walked around trying to talk to people. We had supper with Draycott's. We then worked our way home. Not much that day.
We were in the office that day. It was great to be in the office that day too. It was snowing all day. It wasn't snowing too much by the time we were leaving which was good, but we enjoyed being inside for that time. :) We then got a ride from the Salter's back home and had supper. We the went to the library.
We had District Meeting. We got surprised in the middle of it when Sister Manion walked in. She sat in for a little bit and then went to the other district. She stayed and chatted a little bit during lunch. We got a ride back to our apartment from the Ap's to drop off somethings. We then just travelled around and tried by some people. We had supper by ourselves again and then we just tried some more people that day.
We did some things at the apartment and then went to the office after lunch. I did what needed to be done while Elder Minaker was working on the training manual. We then travelled home. We had supper with the Browers. It was fun. We ate outside. We were sitting there eating and Sis Fairbairn, who lives in the same complex was coming home with groceries. Well Sis Brower invited her down to join us after she put everything away. They are great. It was a good supper. We then traveled around. We had to wait at Southgate station for the Greenfield elders for a bit. we brought them the referral bible they were needing and then headed home.
Well we did some planning that morning and got some things resolved. We then had lunch and went to the church for FB. We then tried some people and traveled. We had supper with the Iverson's. We then were going to go over to the Raaflaubs. When we got there we went on a little trip over to the river area. There was a break up that occured so we became involved in the distraction from it by going to the river and taking a little hike. It was fun. :)
We didn't have any meetings that morning due to Mother's Day. :) We had church and then we went back for lunch. We did studies and then went to the Cahoon's for supper. They invited us over after church since we didn't have a supper. We then went to the Stewarts and SKYPED!!! It was a bit crazy getting connected, but it was wonderful to be able to talk with Mom. :) Love you!! <3
We went down to the church for computers in the morning and then came back and had lunch. we then tracted and walked around. We talked to one guy who told us the history of St. Patrick, the origin of the word hello and that he should have been the next Pope...twice...He was a fun guy to talk to. We had supper with Byam's and then had FHE with the Raaflaub's. It was a good day.
Well the weather is beautiful outside. No more snow....I hope. Things are starting to pick up for us. Hopefully we will be able to finally see some investigators soon. :)
Love, Elder O'Neill

Colin O'Neill

11:31 AM (1 hour ago)

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