Monday, April 13, 2015

Southgate Chapter 5

Well this week seemed to go by pretty fast. Things are starting to pick up for us. It was a great week.
We had Pday. We shopped emailed. Had lunch and then went and played some basketball and frisbee. We had supper with the Piepgrass'. It was a pretty quick supper since they had to leave. We then tried by some people and then went to see the Raaflaub's. They needed some extra help.
We were in the office in the morning. We then went to the church for lunch before ZTM. We made homemade Poutine. :) It was good. Took some of Elder Dodson's Chilli Cheese dip and put it on top. It was more like Chili Chesse fries, but still good. ZTM was great too. Learned a lot. We then went on exchanges. I was going to be in Soutgate with Elder Liu. It was fun. We tracted a little bit before supper with the Byam's and Munsters'. Bro Byam was still in Red Deer that day, so Munsters' came over. We then tracted some more.
We were in the office again that morning. We then took off for lunch. We ate and then exchanged back. We tracted for a bit and then had supper with the Bennett's. We then tried formers and tracted. Lots of tracting since we don't have munch going on.
We were in the office all day. We had to give up our temporary car today. We drove it to the office. Then some other elders took it since their car is getting sold. We were in the office that day and then to my surprise at the end of the day Elder Pratt asked as we were heading off, "would you elders like a car for the weekend?". I was sooooo excited. I wasn't ready to bus again. We then had supper with Draycott's. After supper we stopped by Justin Lee.
Today was chaos. We got up and did the usual. We did a little planning and then had lunch with Tagalog. We then went on splits. Elder Wilson and Walker went and did a passover lesson in which we have a new investigator. Elder Ustare and I went tracting. We then waited for them and then when they finally came out we went on another split to passover Marcel to the Mt. Pleasant elders. Elder Dodson and I tried by some of their potentials and tracted. We then got back and we went to the stake center for the child of record baptism. We gave a little message as they were changing. We then went home and had supper. We then went to see one of Elder Wilson's and Elder Jackson's old investigators who was supposed to be in the hospital for a surgery. We drove up to the Royal Alex and she wasn't there. Finally got her number called her and she was home already. So we went to the Raaflaubs.
We had ward council. We then had church. We were having lunch and then got a text that coordination was cancelled. We then had to pick up Elder Liu from the Whyte Ave chapel and bring him down to the Bearspaw chapel since they went on splits for ward councils. We then finished lunch and had studies. We then stopped by Josue and some others. We had supper with the St. Aubin's (St. O-bay). We then just tracted the rest of the night.
It was decent week. We've gotten some new potentials and new investigators. Things are picking up. It's great. :)

Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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