Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Southgate Chapter 4

Wow I almost forgot to write my weekly email. :) It was such a crazy week. It's been a long and eventful week too. Which is good. :)
Well we started the morning by going to the temple. :) It was great. We then had Pday. We emailed, shopped, then we went to a park for the last little bit. Elder Wilson played some soccer with his new cleats that he bought. I just took some pictures and tried to draw. We had supper with D and M Allred. There are two Allred's. They are brothers and live in the same house, one upstairs and one in the basement. I was confused for a bit too. It was fun. It then started raining and so we went home and got jacket and tried by some people.
We were in the office until lunch. We then went on exchanges. I went with Elder Bergeson and Elder Wu. They are the Mandarin Elders in the area. It was an interesting exchange. We just tried by some potentials. We had supper with some members in Lakewood ward. We then went to the last little bit of English class at the institute. We then taught Joyce. She is an investigator of theirs'. She has been difficult in the past. I tried to help as much as I could with only being able to speak English. They said I was helpful.
We had District Meeting and exchanged back. We then went back to the office for a few hours. We went to help the Master's move some boxes which they thought were going to take an hour or so, but took like 10 minutes. ya.... We then went to Habing's and brought some stuff in for her and she gave us supper to take home. We then ate. We got called to go help some family move. We then went to the Raaflaub's for a quick lesson, making sure they were going to watch conference. We then tried by Justin, but he wasn't home so we did FB
Well we cleaned the apartment for a bit and then did our planning. We went out and tracted and found some new potentials. We then had supper with M and L Allred, which ended up being a huge sibling Easter dinner. I don't remember what else we did that night.
GENERAL CONFERENCE! It was amazing. We watched the first session at the Stake Center. We then came back had lunch. We then went and met with Josue. We tracted into him yesterday. It was awesome. We went in and had a really good talk. Just quickly went through the restoration. We shared a card with Because He lives and asked him about it. He told us that one of his friends already sent him a Portuguese version before. It was awesome. He's really great. We then went to the Raaflaub's and watched the second session. We then had supper with them. Home-made Poutine. :) First time of home-made poutine. We then went to the Stake Center to watch Priesthood. It was all so good. :) We then went to DQ after.
We went to the Bateman's for Breakfast and watched conference there. We then went home and had lunch. Mt. Pleasant came over. They got locked out of their apartment. We then went and watch the last session at the Stake Center. We then drove Mt. Pleasant home and then went to the Habing's for supper. They had an Easter supper with some friends. It was fun. Didn't do much the rest of the night. We went in and then the other elders called. One of the sisters in the ward called them for a blessing. They picked us up and we went over there. They dropped us off again and then Mt. Pleasant called us. They couldn't get into their apartment and the landlord was in Ontario. They ended up staying with us for the night.
We dropped Mt. Pleasant off at the Whyte Ave chapel and went to the office. We were meeting Tagalog North to switch them cars, since their car was called into the shop. We then had lunch with them at Subway. We then went tracting. We knocked the first house he was atheist and sick. We knocked the second house and ended up talking with the lady for an hour and half. It was fun. She actually lives in Slave Lake and was down visiting her mother. It was great. We then tracted for a bit more. We found a cool part of our area. It's right by the river and the houses are super nice. We then had supper by ourselves and then had FHE at a park up the road with the Raaflaub's.
It was a great week. Looking foward to this week too. :)
Not much time left, better getting working harder. :)

Elder Colin O'Neill

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