Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Southgate Chapter 3

Well this week was ok. Nothing really remarkable happened. It was still just a good week.
We had Pday. It was fun. We gave the Mt. Pleasant Elders a ride since they don't have a car. We did the usual, email, shop. We then went to the Millwoods Stake Center to play some games. We were told they were going to play soccer which got Elder Wilson excited, but when we got there they had the volleyball net set up. We ended up playing volleyball. It was a ton of fun. We had supper with Sis Fairbairn. It was great. She had one of the other Elder's investigators, Pat, over as well as Evlyn, who we are working with. It was a great supper. We then had FHE at the Raaflaub's.
We did studies at the office and were there all day. We had supper with the Habing's and then we were going to have a lesson with Kelly and Thomas, but they cancelled. :(
We had district meeting and lunch. We then went in to the office for the rest of the day. We were supposed to have supper with Byam's, but Bro Byam wasn't back from Red Deer yet. Sis Byam just gave us some money to go get something. We went to Soutgate mall and got New York Fries pulled pork poutine. Best stuff ever. :) We then had some money left and were going to get some DQ, but as we were walking over some kid working at one of the stores started walking and talking with us. He lives in Spruce Grove. It was random. He ended up buying the Ice Cream. It was cool. We then went and tried some people.
We did studies at the office again and were there most of the day. Don't really remember what we did that night. Probably some stop-by's.
Well we were once again in the office for most of the day. We left a little early and went on exchanges. I went with Elder Duncanson to Bearspaw. It was fun. We went and checked Facebook. I went through some of my Heritage Tours pics of the church history sights with him. We then had supper with the Jones. Sis Jones is Bro Palmer's, from Londonderry, sister. It was crazy. We then did some tracting and tried by some people.
Well we got up and did the usual. We were asked if we could come set up some chairs at the stake center at 11. We got there at about 10:50 and right as we are pulling into the parking lot, we get a text saying they were playing basketball in the gym so we couldn't set up chairs. We then drove back to the area and did the interview. We had lunch and then did Facebook and then tracted. It was a fun exchange. :) We then exchanged back at the office. We then tracted for a bit. We had supper and then went back out. We tracted some more. We then met the other elders at the office and planned out our portion of the 5th Sunday lesson we were giving.
Well we got up and got ready to go to PEC and when we got to the church, no one was there. Since it was the 5th sunday they didn't have any meeting and no one told us. we just helped set up the chairs. We had church. For the 5th sunday lesson it was combined RS/Priesthood/Youth. It was talking about the Ward mission plan. Our part we talked about using Social Media. We also introduced #BecauseHeLives to the ward. We then had out lunch hour, but it was fast Sunday. :) We had coordination then did studies. We had supper at the Kastendieck's. Yes more Kastendieck's. I had to ask. They are brothers. :) They are a fun family, just like I thought they would be. We then were suppossed to have a lesson with Kelly and Thomas, but it fell through again. :P
Well we were in the office. We opened and closed. It was good. We had supper on our own and then we had FHE at Raaflaub's. :) It was a great night.
Well that was my week. We were able to go to the temple this morning which makes it all better. :D Excited for Conference :)
Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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