Monday, March 9, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 24 final chapter in this area!!!

Well it looks like it's the end of the road for here. I'm getting transferred to Southgate Ward in Edmonton. It will be an interesting experience. My new companion Elder Wilson and I will also be working in the office. One of the office couples is finishing their mission and there is no one to replace them yet, so we will be filling in. It will be different. Now for the rest of my week.

We had P-day and then had supper with Christine and the Lamoureux's. It was fun. We went and said goodbye to the Schmidt's and Grant's. Sr. Bro Schmidt is moving back to Idaho. Jr. Bro Schmidt is moving back to Virginia and at least Sis Grant is going back home to South Africa. We then went over to see the Jackson's.

I don't remember what we did. :) I think we just tracted and tried potentials. We had supper at the Irmen's. We then went on exchanges. Elder Walker came with me. :) We went and stopped by some people and then we went to see the Roy's and say goodbye. :)

Elder Walker stayed over night and the other Elders came in the morning to exchange back. We had a lesson in the morning with Malinda. Sis Beaulne and Fitzner came with us. Great lesson. She is just super busy. We finished studies and had lunch. we didn't have much that day either. We picked up supper from the Eric's. We went back and ate, then went and saw LA Olsen's. We had a good chat with them. I enjoy them a lot. :) We then went to the BFC Bible study again. It was great and a lot of great people. :)

We had District Meeting and then lunch. We had the rest of the food from Eric's. We then tried by Mihaly, but he wasn't home. We then changed and drove out to Anzac. We all got haircuts and then had supper with Kidd's. I'm going to miss them. We then came back and had a lesson with Diana. It went pretty well. :)

We did Weekly Planning we also cooked a really good lunch. Chicken with roasted veggies. :) Best cooking I've done so far. :) We then went and did Facebook. We then just tried some people. Don't really remember. 

It was a long day of tracting and potentials. We had supper with Diggle's and then went and saw the Simpson's. 

It was a pretty good day. We had Ward Council and church. It was pretty good. Mihaly came and we talked to him a bit afterwards. We were talking in the chapel and Bro Fitzner came in and just remarked it was nice to see him and told him that what he was feeling was the spirit and this is where he was supposed to be. He started crying. Mostly it was Elder Merica and Walker in that conversation, but it was still really powerful. We then went home had lunch. We went and tried by some potentials. We had supper with the Beaulne's. Then tried people the rest of the night. 

Well that was my week. Forgot my planner so the details are a little spotty. Going to miss Fort McMurray, but that's life as a missionary. :)
Love, Elder O'Neill

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