Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Southgate Chapter 1

Well a new book of my mission. It's sure been a roller coaster of a week. Lots of new things. New area, new companion, new responsibilities. It's all sorts of fun. :)
Well we had P-day. We got everything done as quick as we could and then we went to the church and played some soccer. It was awesome. We had supper with the Rusnells. We then went and said goodbye to the O'Bray's and then the Olsen's.
We had a lesson with Nahia in the morning. It was a great last lesson. We then found a Fort McMurray pin. We then had lunch and packed. We went and saw Bud and Dan. We then stopped by some other people. We had supper at Goetz. We went to try and say goodbye to Fitzners, but they weren't home. We then went to Diggles.
We drove down for transfers. We then had transfers. It was hard to say goodbye. We then had to drive a car back to the office so we used to talk my stuff back to the apartment and to get some groceries. We then took it to the office. We then had supper with the Draycott's. We then went and visited with the Lowes.
Well we had District Meeting. We then had lunch. Then we had an adventure. Both Elder McMullin and I's companions had to go to the District Leader meeting. Well we were both new to the area as of yesterday so we really didn't know where to go. We went and got on FB. I then got us close to our apartment and we tracted for a while. We then were going to stop by the apartment, but we didn't have keys. :( We then went to McDonald's and got a shake. The meet us there and we picked up supper from Sis Fairbairn. We then all had supper. We then went and stopped by a few people. We then met with Monir.
We had our first day in the office. Learn how to do referrals and entering baptism records. We had supper with the Carter's and then went and met the Raaflaubs.
We did weekly planning and lunch. We went to see our investigator Monty and when we showed up he handed us back all of the books and dropped us. It was a sad day. We then went and met with the Arrisons. We then had supper with the Deppe's. We then had a baptism interview with some of the Zone Leaders investigators. They are sweet.
We had PEC. Elder Low and I just sat outside. We then had church. We had lunch at the AP's apartment. We then met with a few people. We were supposed to have a lesson with some investigators with Bro Henday, but they weren't home. We took him to some other people and finally got a lesson with Marseille. He is from Rwanda. He is awesome. At the end of the lesson he said "I think I understand prophets now". It was awesome. We then had supper with the Munoz. They are fun. We then stopped by some people.
We were in the office all day. I was learning financial stuff. We then stopped by the Raaflaub's to help move their daughter move out, but they didn't come. We then had supper with the Cahoon's. We then went back to the Raaflaub's and had FHE. It didn't end well. Got a migraine. Not a fun night. Great night sleep though. :)
Well that was my week. It was a roller coaster, but it's going to be fun.
Love, Elder Colin O'Neill

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