Monday, March 2, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 23

Dear Family and friends,
Wow. This week was a bit crazy. We were in Edmonton for almost 3 days and then just trying to catch up and meet with people who aren't home. :( It was interesting.:)

Well we did as much as we could. We emailed and did laundry and packed then headed to Edmonton. Elder Nielson drove to Grasslands then gave me the keys so he could sleep. I drove to Fort Saskatchewan and we had Mucho Burrito for supper then drove to the Mission Home. Stayed over night with St. Paul. :)

We had interviews with President. We then had Zone Conference. It was great learned a lot. :) We then ran to the office, because the other Elder's were getting a different car. Still a subaru, but just a different one. We then drove to the temple. It was so amazing. It felt great to be able to go. :)

Well we got up and went to Generations Bookstore and then to this book binding place. It was pretty cool. They do custom book binding. Looks awesome. Made me laugh a little too. Their main customers are the Elders and the JW's. :) We then grabbed lunch at Wendy's, drove to the north side, filled up and then headed out. The whole time I was driving in Edmonton. Elder Neilson drove to Grasslands again and then Elder Merica finished the drive. We had supper with Nate and Bailey, then we went and visited the Roy's. 

We had District Meeting and then we went to see Bud and Dan. We are trying to get them to church. :) Hopefully. We then went out to the Kidd's for supper. We got a picture of the temple for them to help them remember their goal to get back to the temple. 

We had Weekly Planning and then lunch. We did time and then we went and tried potentials. We had supper with the Lamoureux's and then tried some more potentials. 

We did studies and lunch. We then went and saw Bud and Dan. Trying to work out details for getting them to church. Doesn't look like it's going to happen. We then tried some potentials. We had a lesson with LA Olsen's with Bro O'Bray. There is some progress with them. We then had supper with Bro Turner at Mucho Burrito. :) We then went and tried some people and then went and visited the Simpson's with Bro Swainson. Invited them to church. The kids were already going to come. Bro Simpson is probably coming next week since it most likely will be my last week. 

Well we had church. The whole Simpson family, except Bro Simpson, came as well as Bro Kidd. It was awesome. :) Testimony meeting was really powerful. There were a lot of tears and emotions. We were trying to get Nahia to come and we are sort of glad she didn't. She has a hard time when people bear their testimony with an accent and when people cry. Well everyone that had an accent bore their testimony and lots of people were fighting back tears. :) It was really powerful though. We had coordination and then changed stopped by some people and then tracted. We had supper with the Stewarts. We then went and met with Eddy. He is awesome and super willing to learn. He told us that he has been getting some resistance about trying to read the Book of Mormon, but he still wants to find out what we are about. :) He is so sincere. We then just tried some other people.

It was a good week. A little low on the investigators, but that's Fort McMurray. :) :( I don't know which one. haha :)
Well hope everyone has a good week. Don't have much time left so I got to get working hard. :)

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