Monday, February 23, 2015

Fort Mac Chapter 22

Wow so last week wasn't very exciting. This week is already starting off more exciting. We are heading down to Edmonton for a Zone Conference, Interviews and Temple trip. :)

Well we had p-day. We had supper with the Goetz, Blackmore and Christine. It was pretty good. In the middle of it the other elders had a call for a referral from a lady down in Lethbridge. It was actually in our area so Elder Walker handed me the phone. It was pretty cool. That is an overarching story of the week. :) We then tried some Less-actives. 

Well we did studies then we went and visited with Bud and Dan. Had a good conversation with Dan and then talked with Bud. We then drove out to Saprae. We drove out there and found a street to tract. We went to park and the truck slid off and got stuck. Luckily someone saw us go in and drove home to get some tow straps. Got out no problems. :) He was awesome. We then tracted somewhere else. We were walking down and this car was stopped at the next drive way. They were waiting for us. This guy asked if we had any pamphlets. He was heading to the Philippines and was going to be wearing some dress clothes and didn't want to get robbed so he wanted to look like he was handing out religious stuff. Hopefully someone in the Philippines gets baptized from it. Or him. :) It was interesting. We then had supper with Tagg's. We then just did some visits. 

We had district meeting then lunch. We just tracted for a bit. We went out to the Kidd's for supper and to help them. We then came back and tried some people.

Well we did Weekly Planning, lunch, then time. We stopped by a few people and tracted. We had supper. We then were supposed to meet with Mihaly. He is the referral. It was quite a process. We have been trying by his apartment, calling him, Dale (the apartment owner who referred us) was in constant contact with us and him trying to figure out how we could meet. It was quite an ordeal. We were supposed to meet with him, but he wasn't home. We just tried by some other people. We then had a lesson with Diana. It went ok. She is having a struggle with one of her friends. Which affected the lesson. 

We did the usual. We then tracted just about all day. We saw Bobby D and talked with him. We then had a lesson with LA Olsen's and the Diggles. It was great. They wanted to meet with some converts. :) We ended up having to leave and left them there talking for a little while longer. We ran and met with the Simpsons. We just had a really good talk about how we can help them. It was a good night after a long day. 

Well we had ward council, church and coordination. We had lunch, then tracted and tried by some people. We had supper with Galenzoski's. We then ran and finally met with Mihaly. He is so prepared. He lost his job and Dale, his landlord, didn't want to kick him out, but just wanted to try and help him. He sent us over to see if there was anything we could do for him. He was actually prepared for the job loss. He was telling us that he kept having promptings when he was going shopping to buy extra because something bad is going to happen. Well he lost his job and was taken care of, but then the emotional kicked in. We went over and he started the conversation about the gospel. He is a really great genuine guy. 

Well that was my week. The main story was Mihaly. He was being prepared to hear the gospel and I can't wait to see what will happen. :) Dale also has a friend that he wants us to meet. Dave O'Neill. He feels like their might be some family connection. We'll see how that goes or even if I ever meet him. I might be leaving Fort Mac soon, but I don't know. I don't want to leave, but if that's God's plan then I will have to.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Until next week. :)
Elder Colin O'Neill

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